Grand Exchange Clerk

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Grand Exchange Clerk chathead.png

Grand Exchange Clerks are non-player characters located in the Grand Exchange north-west of Varrock. In the Grand Exchange, there are 4 clerks, next to 4 bankers.

Upon right clicking a clerk, you get several options:

  • Exchange: Quick option; players can buy and/or sell items, and collect items from completed trades.
  • Talk-to: Players can talk to the Grand Exchange clerks to access the Grand Exchange account.
  • History: Players can view their personal Grand Exchange trade history. This is limited to the last 40 transactions.
  • Sets: Players can exchange complete sets of armour; either from individual component items into a complete item set, or from a complete item set into individual component items.

As of an update on 4 October 2018, players can speak to a clerk to receive a message listing the contents of their collection box in the Grand Exchange upon logging in. This has a two minute cooldown as to not be spammed every time players hop worlds.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]