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The Grand Exchange Database, very similar to this wiki's own Grand Exchange Market Watch, is a feature on the RuneScape website, allowing players, both free and members, to view price changes of a specific item over the previous 180 days.

There are many features in the Grand Exchange Database that resemble the stock market or the stock exchange. Examples are the price graph, and the scrolling prices in the Grand Exchange banner at the top of the page. While most people easily identify with the concept of a stock market, the Grand Exchange is actually a commodities exchange.

There are currently 3,931 items in the Grand Exchange Database.

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Using the database[edit | edit source]

Price rounding[edit | edit source]

Prices above 10,000 coins are rounded to 10k, while prices above 1 million are rounded to 1.0m.

Searching for items[edit | edit source]

Users of the database can search items by choosing the letters on the left or just type the name of the item under the marquee in the "search" box, then select the price range and whether the item is member-only or non-member or both.

Note that the search result may be a little bit sidetracked. For example, "Guthix page" would result in items named with "Guthix" or "page" or are "Guthix"-related. However, wrapping "Guthix page" in quotation marks (") in the search box in the database would result in a more precise search.[1] The yellow and grey stars before the picture of the item in the search results indicate that the items are member-only and non-member respectively.

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