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Grand Library
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Released25 July 2019 (Update)
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The Grand Library is a massive library first accessed during the quest Song of the Elves, in which players must break the seal of the eight Elven Clans to recover the memories of Seren, their goddess.

After the quest, it can be accessed from the teleport platform upstairs in the Tower of Voices. However, players will instead arrive at a small section the Grand Library, which was opened up to other races; the other parts of the Grand Library, including the part players visited during the quest, were decided to remain a place for elves only. Due to other races being able to visit this small section of the Grand Library, new additions from far and wide have been added to the bookshelves.

Players can search the bookshelves to obtain texts found during the elven quest series, as well as fourteen texts that can only be found within the Grand Library.

1. Prifddinas' history inventory image Prifddinas' History 2. Eastern discovery inventory image Eastern Discovery 3. Eastern settlement inventory image Eastern Settlement
4. The great divide inventory image The Great Divide 5. Crazed scribbles inventory image Crazed Scribbles 6. Old journal inventory image The Journal of Randas
7. History of iban inventory image The Tale of Iban 8. Book on baxtorian inventory image Book on Baxtorian 9. Ode to eternity inventory image Ode to Eternity
A. Cadarn lineage inventory image Cadarn Lineage B. Crystal singing for beginners inventory image Crystal Singing for Beginners C. Big book of bangs inventory image Big Book of Bangs
D. Edern's journal inventory image Edern's Journal E. A dear friend inventory image A Dear Friend F. On leprechauns inventory image On Leprechauns
G. Bloody diary inventory image Bloody Diary H. The eight clans inventory image The Eight Clans I. Gollwyn's final statement inventory image Gollwyn's Final Statement
J. Niff & harry inventory image Niff & Harry K. Soggy journal inventory image Soggy Journal L. Ebrill's journal inventory image Ebrill's Journal
M. Stained journal inventory image Stained Journal N. The truth behind the myth (excerpt) inventory image The Truth Behind the Myth (Excerpt) O. The living statues inventory image The Living Statues
P. The spurned demon inventory image The Spurned Demon Q. Legends of the mountain inventory image Legends of the Mountain R. Harmony inventory image Harmony

The following NPCs can be found in the Grand Library:

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