Granite ring (i)

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Nightmare ZoneSoul WarsEmir's Arena
Granite ring (i)
Granite ring (i).png
Released26 October 2017 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsWear, Uncharge
ExamineA solid ring.
Value15,000 coins
High alch9,000 coins
Low alch6,000 coins
Weight3 kg
Advanced data
Item ID21752
Granite ring (i) detail.png

The granite ring (i) is an imbued version of the regular granite ring from the Nightmare Zone and Soul Wars minigames. It requires 50 Defence and 50 Strength to equip. The imbue upgrade costs either 500,000 Nightmare Zone points, 200 Zeal Tokens, or by using a scroll of imbuing purchased from the Emir's Arena.

The upgrade doubles all defensive bonuses, including the negative Magic defence bonus. Reverting it back to the un‐imbued version refunds 80% of the cost, only 400,000 points.

Dying to another player will cause the imbued ring to lose its imbued status, resulting in the player having to obtain the required Nightmare Zone Points or Soul Wars Zeal Tokens to imbue it again.

On the other hand, if its wearer dies to a monster, the ring will retain its imbued status even if dropped on death.

Nightmare ZoneSoul WarsEmir's Arena
Attack icon.png Attack bonuses
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Defence icon.png Defence bonuses
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Melee.png Other bonusesSlot
Strength icon.pngRanged Strength icon.pngMagic Damage icon.pngPrayer icon.pngRing slot.png

Creation[edit | edit source]

Member icon.png
Ticks? (edit)
ToolsNoneFacilitiesDom Onion's Reward Shop
Granite ring.pngGranite ring122,791
Minigame map icon.pngNightmare Zone points[r 1]500,000631,583.06
Total Cost654,374.06
Granite ring (i).pngGranite ring (i)1N/A
  1. ^ Value based on the expected average value of spending Nightmare Zone points on herb boxes.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
1 November 2017

The "Uncharge" option was added.

Trivia[edit | edit source]