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Grasp spells are a category of offensive spells in the Arceuus spellbook. Requiring completion of A Kingdom Divided to use (excluding Ghostly Grasp), these spells deal damage and provide a chance to stop the target from moving for a short time; streak marks mid-animation indicate a successful bind on the target.

Grasp spells are twice as effective on targets that are under the effects of the Mark of Darkness spell. However, if the target is under the effect of the Ward of Arceuus spell, they will only be bound in place for 0.6 seconds if successfully bound by the caster.

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Experience Damage Bind
Bind time
Ghostly Grasp.png Ghostly Grasp icon (mobile).png Ghostly Grasp Magic 35 4Air 1Chaos 22.5 12 10% 1.2
Skeletal Grasp.png Skeletal Grasp icon (mobile).png Skeletal Grasp Magic 56 8Earth 1Death 33 17 25% 1.8
Undead Grasp.png Undead Grasp icon (mobile).png Undead Grasp Magic 79 12Fire 1Blood 46.5 24 50% 2.4

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