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Greegrees are used for transforming into a primate, however their use is bound to the island of Ape Atoll. When in the primate form, all monsters on the island become non-aggressive. There are nine different greegrees altogether: a Karamjan monkey greegree; a small and medium ninja monkey greegree; a Kruk monkey greegree; a small and big zombie monkey greegree; a normal, bearded, and blue faced gorilla greegree.

To make a greegree, a player must take a monkey talisman and the corresponding primate bones or corpse to Zooknock, who can be found in the Ape Atoll Dungeon. Each greegree transforms the player into the corresponding primate of the greegree when wielded. This effect is only in place on Ape Atoll as Zooknock cannot use his magic over long distances. Be aware that a greegree may not be wielded while in combat.

The greegrees are used in the Monkey Madness I and the Recipe for Disaster quests. At the very start of Monkey Madness I, players will only be able to obtain a Monkey talisman by talking to the crying child in the house to the west of the monkey settlement when wearing the Monkeyspeak amulet. When they have had the greegree charged by Zooknock, additional monkey talismans can be bought from Tutab's Magical Market for 1,000 coins each.

After Monkey Madness II you can get additional monkey greegrees from Zooknock without the need for bones or a talisman in the north-western house in the Gnome Stronghold directly to the north of the Gnome Ball arena entrance.

Types[edit | edit source]

Greegree Transformation Examine Text Where to get bones Looks like

Monkey talisman.pngMonkey talisman

None A magic talisman in shape of a monkey head. Baby child that is located in Marim or by trading the Magic shop seller monkey in Marim
Monkey talisman equipped.png

Karamjan monkey greegree.pngKaramjan

Karamjan monkey A mystical talisman in the shape of a Karamja monkey head. Kill any monkey on Karamja or Mos Le'Harmless. Note that Monkey corpses also work. Monkey.png
Ninja monkey greegree (small).pngSmall ninja

Ninja monkey greegree (medium).pngMedium ninja

Monkey Archer or one of the ninja monkeys

A mystical talisman in the shape of a small/medium ninja monkey head. Small: Kill any Monkey Archer on the platforms around Ape Atoll. They can be Meleed and the bones can be picked up normally.
Medium: Step out into the light area in the middle of the warehouse. You will be discovered by the guards and a large guard will advance on you. Quickly use a greegree of any kind. If you are lucky, you won't get attacked, and Karam, the Gnome assassin, will kill the large monkey, leaving its bones. You can also kill Padulah, which is a lot harder.
Medium ninja monkey.png
Zombie monkey greegree (small).pngSmall zombie

Zombie monkey greegree (big).pngBig zombie

Monkey Zombie A mystical talisman in the shape of a small/big zombie monkey head. Small: In the Temple of Marimbo basement.
Big: In the Temple basement and in the Ape Atoll Dungeon.
Monkey Zombie.png
Gorilla greegree.pngGorilla

Bearded gorilla greegree.pngBearded gorilla

Monkey Guard A mystical talisman in the shape of a gorilla/bearded gorilla head. Normal: Kill any gorilla in the Temple of Marimbo.
Bearded: Kill a gorilla standing near the ladder in the Temple.

Monkey Guard.png

Ancient gorilla greegree.pngAncient gorilla Ancient gorilla A magical talisman in the shape of a mysterious monkey head. Pick up the monkey skull in Marimbo temple after completing the hard Western Provinces Diary
Ancient gorilla greegree equipped.png
Kruk monkey greegree.pngKruk Kruk A magical talisman in the shape of Kruk's head. Kill Kruk and obtain his paw during Monkey Madness II. After the quest, it can be obtained from Zooknock without needing to go through the Ape Atoll Dungeon.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

There are mahogany and teak trees in the jungle outside Marim on Ape Atoll. With any enchanted greegree equipped, the creatures on the island will not be aggressive. The zombie monkey greegree (using the bones from the zombie monkeys in the dungeon) is very slow (you cannot run when using it).

You will need to wear the M'speak amulet to speak monkey. The greegree may be used in the Ardougne Zoo after the quest, but there are restrictions on where players may travel as a monkey.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Should players attempt to alchemise a greegree, a message appears in the chatbox saying, "The magic of the monkeys defies alchemy"