Greenman's ale(m)

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Mature greenman's ale is a valuable and sought-after brew that is the result of player-made ale brewing and requires a Cooking level of 29. It is the stronger, or 'mature' version of a greenman's ale. When consumed, this stat enhancing beer provides a temporary boost to the player's Herblore level by +2, as opposed to the +1 boost provided by its regular-strength counterpart.

A glass of mature greenman's ale may be required to show to Falo the Bard to progress through a master clue scroll.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Increases Herblore by 2 levels for the standard duration of stat restoration (about 60 seconds at +2, followed by 60 seconds at +1)
  • Heals 1 hitpoints
  • Lowers Attack and Strength by 2 levels

Brewing[edit | edit source]

The full recipe for standard greenman's ale is as follows (in the order given):

  1. 2 Buckets of water
  2. 2 Barley malt
  3. (optional) 1 "The stuff," to increase chance of maturity
  4. 4 Harralanders
  5. 1 Ale yeast
  6. Wait 1–2 days
  7. Collect the completed ale using 8 beer glasses or 2 calquat kegs