Griffin feather

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Griffin feather
Griffin feather.png
Released4 June 2007 (Update)
Quest itemGrim Tales
DestroyYou will need to get another feather from Grimgnash's nest if you destroy this one.
ExamineOne of Grimgnash's feathers.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.001 kg
Advanced data
Item ID11196
Griffin feather detail.png

The griffin feather is a quest item obtained during the Grim Tales quest. The player must steal it from Grimgnash, the griffin that lives on the east side of White Wolf Mountain. In order to obtain the feather, the player has to first send Grimgnash to sleep with a most horrid bedtime story. The feather must then be taken to Sylas in Taverley along with Rupert's helmet in order to exchange them for some magic beans.

How to obtain the griffin feather[edit | edit source]

Head to the White Wolf Mountain, Grimgnash is located on the north-east corner. The griffin will state that it cannot get to sleep because of the howling wolves and will threaten to eat the player if he doesn't tell a bedtime story. Grimgnash says he loves stories with death, fire and destruction... Tell him a bedtime story by selecting the options which sound the most violent:

  • "I've heard you are a great and mighty griffin!"
  • "There once was graveyard filled with undead."
  • "There lived a skeleton named Skullrot."
  • "Skullrot was insane!"
  • "Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair."
  • "Started to strangle the poor gnome."
  • At this point, you can answer with any of the remaining choices.

Once Grimgnash is asleep, steal a feather from the pile next to his nest and go back to Sylas.

The item is relatively easy to obtain compared to the rest of tasks required for the quest.