Grim Tales

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Grim Tales (#126)
Grim Tales.png
Released 4 June 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Official difficulty Master
Lead developer(s) Danny J

Grim Tales is a master quest that revolves around collecting a couple of rare items for Sylas, a peculiar collector. It contains many references to various real-life fairy tales.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Talk to Sylas in Taverley.
Official difficultyMaster
Description"Once upon a time in a land far, far away..." Sylas, a collector of items both wondrous and unusual seeks out the latest additions to his trove with a somewhat unusual prize for the finder. Terrors and towers await; fierce battles with giant beasts; striding boldly to rescue a dwarf in distress! Not a quest for the meek or faint-hearted, prepare yourself for a feast of fairy-tale fun with rewards a-plenty! The Brothers Grimm could never have foretold a tale such as this...
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat Glod (level 138)

Finding Sylas and starting out[edit | edit source]

Sylas is the old man with a walking stick in Taverley. He can be found south of the player-owned house portal. Talk to him, and he will ask you to get two rare items in return for his magic beans:

Griffin's feather[edit | edit source]

The path to take to see Grimgnash, the griffin.
Telling a story to Grimgnash, the griffin.

To reach Grimgnash, proceed to White Wolf Mountain from Taverley, and follow the path that is located the farthest east along the mountain until you reach two white lines. Go through them, and up the path to reach the NPC.

The Griffin will state that it cannot get to sleep because of the howling wolves and will threaten to eat the player if he doesn't tell him a bedtime story. Grimgnash says he loves stories with death, fire and destruction. Tell him a bedtime story by selecting the options which sound the most violent:

  • I heard you were a great and mighty Griffin! (Option 1)
  • There once was a graveyard filled with undead. (Option 1)
  • There lived a skeleton named Skullrot. (Option 2)
  • Skullrot was insane! (Option 4)
  • Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair. (Option 4)
  • Started to strangle the poor gnome. (Option 3)
  • At this point, you can answer with any of the remaining choices.

Once Grimgnash is asleep, steal a feather from the pile next to his nest and go back to Sylas.

Note: If Grimgnash doesn't like your story, he will hit you for 20% of your current hitpoints, rounded up. While this damage CAN kill you, it is very unlikely to do so as you would need to repeatedly tell the wrong story.

Rupert's helmet[edit | edit source]

Meeting Rupert[edit | edit source]

Items needed: boost for Thieving if below level 58, boost for Agility if below level 59.

Rupert the Beard can be found in a tower in between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain. The quickest way to get there is by casting Mind Altar Teleport (or using its magic tablet equivalent) and running southward.

If you attempt to get in by the door of the tower, a rather snobby-looking princess will stop you. In order to get in, you will need to go around the back and climb over the crumbling east wall (58 Thieving required).

Rupert locked away.

Next, talk into the drain pipe, and you will find yourself talking to the dwarf imprisoned at the top of the tower.

Talk to him a second time to find out how to get up the tower, and suggest that you should climb up, and then ask if there is anything up there that can help. He will throw down his beard—climb it (59 Agility required). Talk to the dwarf who regrettably cannot give you his helmet as the princess has stolen his armour and locked him in the tower.

He asks you to talk to Princess Miazrqa, who is north of the tower. Use the right-click 'climb-down' option on Rupert, climb back over the east wall, and talk with Princess Miazrqa. She says that she will happily release the dwarf if you get back her pendant, which was stolen by a mouse in her second-cousin's (twice-removed) house which is the Witch's House in Taverley.

Ask Princess Miazrqa for a door key in order to enter the Witch's House, or look under the potted plant just to the left of the front door of the witch's house.

Miazrqa's pendant[edit | edit source]

Items needed: leather gloves (optional), 2 tarromin potions (unf) or 2 tarromins and 2 vials of water, door key, boost for Herblore if below level 52.

This step is optional. To continue, skip to the next paragraph. Go to the basement of Witch's House, and wear some leather gloves to avoid an electric shock from the gate, which can cause 17 damage. (Gloves can be obtained by repeatedly searching the boxes in the basement near the piano. You may also get other junk like needles and cabbages—keep trying until you get the gloves.) Open the cage door, and search the music stand to find some music sheets for the piano. Read the music sheet—now, you have to play that on the piano.

Music sheet

Go to the piano in the basement of the Witch's House. This is where it gets tricky if you are not familiar with the piano. You have to play the notes: "EFEDCAEGA". The first five notes ("EFEDC") are on the right side of the piano; the next last notes ("AEGA") are on the left side of the piano. Although the notes are displayed when you hover over them on the left side of the screen, you must remember whether they are lower or upper notes.

  • Note: Counting the keys from right to left, click them in this order: key 5, key 4, key 5, key 6, then 7, 9, 12, 10, 9.

The compartment will open, and the player will find three items in it: a shrinking recipe, to-do list, and two shrunk ogleroots. Read the shrinking recipe, and use your tarromin with 2 vials of water, and add the ogleroot to both unfinished potions. Go upstairs, and drink one of the potions while standing next to the mouse hole in the southern room on the ground floor (no cheese or magnet required). The player will suddenly shrink and will enter in the mouse hole.

  • Note: You must keep the second shrinking potion in order to complete the quest.
  • If you lose the shrunk ogleroot, you can kill the experiments in the basement of the Witch's House to get them, or fight these experiments, but then run a few squares away. They will throw ogleroots at you you which will usually appear on the ground. This can be repeated to obtain a large supply of ogleroots. Players can enter it from outside the house using the manhole. Tarromin can also be obtained from the experiments but they must be killed.
  • If you have 48 Herblore, you can boost it to 52 by eating a botanical pie.
  • If you have a cat on the ground when trying to drink the shrink-me-quick potion, it will prompt you that "Being mouse-sized with a cat around may not be such a good idea...". Having the cat in your inventory makes the potion work as normal.
Finding the pendant.

Mouse's hole[edit | edit source]

Protect from Melee is helpful in this part because of continuous attacks by level 95 creatures.

Warning: Do NOT go into the north-eastern grate, or you will end up in sprouting back up and have to make another potion to go back into the initial hole again.

Rupert is free!

You will need to go through several nail walls to get to the pendant. These nail walls are four nails stuck closely together on the wall. They are indicated as wooden ladders on the mini-map. Climb the nail walls to the north on the eastern wall located south of the grate, and then, continue south-west and climb up two sets of nails. Go north-east, and climb down the nails. Head north and climb up the last set of nails, and take the pendant. Return to the tower, and give the pendant to the Princess. Rupert will be set free, and he will give you his helmet. Head back to Sylas.

Sylas and the beanstalk[edit | edit source]

Items needed: a seed dibber, a watering can (with at least 1 dose), Rupert's helmet and equipment to fight Glod. Also, bank your follower if you have one out, you won't be able to have it in your inventory either.

Take the beans Sylas gives you, and plant them in the special patch south-east of Taverley, near the tree patch. The signpost reads "This earth mound has been magically prepared. Please keep off. Farming strictly prohibited. You have been warned!" A seed dibber and watering can are required, which can be obtained from the tool leprechaun at the nearby tree patch to the north-east, or purchased at a farming store. After watering the patch, a giant beanstalk will grow extremely fast.

Planting the magic beans.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Get ready for a fight with a level 138.

Take high healing food and some prayer potions. Make sure to keep your second oogleroot/shrink-me-quick potion either in your bank or inventory for after the fight. When you're ready, put on protect from melee and climb up the beanstalk (requires 59 Agility). You will not be able to have a follower with you, even in your inventory.

Fighting the angry Glod.

Glod, a cloud giant, will attack you immediately. He is level 118, but will become level 138 shortly after the battle starts. He is difficult to damage with low melee as he hits very hard, so Ranged is a much better option if you have low melee stats, as Ranged is his weakness. Magic works well too. The upgraded Iban's staff's and Iban Blast is very effective, but do prepare plenty of runes and range ammunition. Glod is immune to poison.

BE AWARE: Glod will sometimes quake the ground, draining your Prayer and turning off protection prayers so be wary! He will also sometimes heal himself.

Players with 70+ combat stats should have absolutely no problem defeating him as the battle could be done with minimal damage sustained. However it is advised that you prepare as stated above.

Use Protect from Melee whenever you can. Cast your best spell or range at a distance while hiding behind a wall. He will sometimes taunt you, causing your character to attack him head on. Whenever this happens, run back to the wall, and turn on Protect from Melee whenever you're within his hitting range. Remember to keep your health high as Glod's melee attack is very accurate and can hit as high as 24.

After the battle[edit | edit source]

Items needed: the other shrinking potion, any axe, boost for Woodcutting if below level 71.

Once you defeat Glod, he'll drop the golden goblin. Take it back to Sylas. He will ask you to chop the beanstalk down (71 Woodcutting required). Use a shrinking potion on the beanstalk first; then, take an axe and chop away. Go back to Sylas for your reward.

Chopping the beanstalk down.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Grim Tales reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Grim Tales is required for the following:

Music[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This quest parodies and references Greek mythology and several fairy tales:
    • Many parts of the quest, including the name, are references to the well-known fairy tale collection Grimm's Fairy Tales. A few tales from the collection that are referenced:
      • "The Griffin" (getting a feather from a griffin by telling it stories)
      • "Rapunzel" (climbing Rupert's beard)
      • "Jack and the Beanstalk" (climbing a magic beanstalk for a golden reward)
    • The shrinking potion is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • On the first day of release when you clicked to see the rewards you got the message "Spoilers are only given on the day of release in fairy tales."
  • After the player names the gnome in the story with Grimgnash, Grimgnash gets upset. He claims "You shouldn't name food! If Human had a carrot, would Human call it Jasper?" This is a reference to the British Comedian Jasper Carrot.
  • The silent 'q' in the princess' name is a reference to the book shop sketch by Monty Python.
  • Glod, the quest's final boss, resembles The Hulk in many ways. Both are bare-chested, have discoloured skin, have a similar face and hairstyle, and yell "<name> SMASH!".
  • Glod may possibly be named after characters in Norse mythology, Glut, who was a particularly evil giant, and Hod, the god who guarded the Bifrost Bridge, who is similar in build to Glod.
  • Glod is an anagram of "gold", this may be another reference to climbing a magic beanstalk for gold.
  • If you take the 'd' off the end of Rupert the Beard, you're left with Rupert the Bear, a once popular fictional character.
  • This quest has the third highest skill level requirement of any other quest, with Woodcutting at level 71, beaten by Dragon Slayer II, with a requirement of 75 Magic, and Making Friends with My Arm, with a requirement of 72 Mining.
  • If a player kills a mouse in the mouse hole, the mouse's drops (bones, coins, and cheese) will be larger than normal. When picked up, the items will appear as "normal" in the player's inventory.
  • When the player asks about Sylas' rare items, he mentions his most prized possession a 'horn-less Unicorn'. This references the running joke that horses do not exist in RuneScape and the popular requests for mountable horses from the pre-Old School community. Diango in Draynor Village also references this with his effectively useless toy horseys, which were initially announced merely as "horses."
  • When Rupert the Beard leaves the tower he yells "FREEDOM". this is a reference to William Wallace.