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This article is about the grimy herb. For the cleaned herb, see Harralander.
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A grimy harralander is a herb that has not yet been cleaned to make a harralander. Grimy harralanders may be grown from a harralander seed with a Farming level of 26. It is dropped by certain NPCs. Cleaning a grimy harralander requires a Herblore level of 20 and gives 6.3 Herblore experience. Clean harralanders are used to make Guthix rests, compost potions, stat restore potions, Guthix balance potions, Blamish oil (for the Heroes' Quest) and Energy potions with Herblore levels of 18, 21, 22, 22, and 26 respectively. Using harralander to make harralander tar is a popular and very fast method for training Herblore, without having to do many steps.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Aberrant spectre96 Multicombat.png1–31/15
Abhorrent spectre253 Multicombat.png1–31/15
Abyssal demon124 Multicombat.png11/61.6
Afflicted30; 32; 34; 37 Multicombat.png11/51.2
Air elemental34 Multicombat.png11/85
Al-Kharid warrior9 Multicombat.png11/53.2
Ancient Wizard98; 112 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Angry barbarian spirit166 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Anja2 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ankou75–98 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Aviansie69–148 Multicombat.png11/78
Bandit22; 130 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Bandit (Bandit Camp)57; 74 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Banshee23 Multicombat.png11/34.4
Basilisk61 Multicombat.png11/33.4
Black Heather34 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Black Knight33 Multicombat.png11/390.1
Black demon172–292 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Bloodveld76; 81 Multicombat.png11/1,170.3
Blue dragon111 Multicombat.png11/78
Brassican Mage140 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Breoca5 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Brutal green dragon227 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Bryophyta128 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Catablepon49; 64; 68 Multicombat.png1Rare
Cave abomination206 Multicombat.png1–2Uncommon
Cave bug6; 96 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Cave crawler23 Multicombat.png11/53.2
Cave horror80 Multicombat.png11/90
Cave kraken127 Multicombat.png1Common
Chaos Elemental305 Multicombat.png1–5Uncommon
Chaos druid13 Multicombat.png1–21/26
Chasm Crawler68 Multicombat.png11/53.2
Choke devil264 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Cockathrice89 Multicombat.png11/117
Cockatrice37 Multicombat.png11/117
Cyclops56; 76; 81; 106 Multicombat.png1Varies
Lv 56, 76: Rare
Lv 106: Uncommon
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island)88; 90 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Dark beast182 Multicombat.png1–21/48.8
Dark warrior8; 145 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Desert Lizard24 Multicombat.png1Common
Deviant spectre169 Multicombat.png1–3Common
Drake192 Multicombat.png1–31/155.4
Druid33 Multicombat.png1Common
Drunken man3 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Dust devil93; 110 Multicombat.png11/146.3
Earth elemental35 Multicombat.png11/85
Earth warrior51 Multicombat.png1Common
Elder Chaos druid129 Multicombat.png1–4Common
Elf Archer90 Multicombat.png11/78
Elf Warrior108 Multicombat.png11/78
Farmer7 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Feral Vampyre61–130 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Fire elemental35 Multicombat.png11/85
Fire giant86; 104; 109 Multicombat.png11/61.6
Flesh Crawler28; 35; 41 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Freidir48 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ghast30; 79; 109; 139 Multicombat.png1Common
Giant Rock Crab137 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Giant skeleton (Lair of Tarn Razorlor)100 Multicombat.png1Rare
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon)80 Multicombat.png1Common
Gorak145; 149 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Greater Nechryael200 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Greater abyssal demon342 Multicombat.png11/61.6
Green dragon79; 88 Multicombat.png1Common
Guard (Prifddinas)108 Multicombat.png11/78
Hengel2 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Herbiboar80 Hunter icon.png1–4Varies
Hill Giant28 Multicombat.png11/167.2
Hobgoblin28; 42; 47 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Hydra194 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice troll120; 121; 123; 124 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice troll female82 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice troll grunt102 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice troll male82 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice troll runt74 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Ice warrior57 Multicombat.png1Common
Insatiable Bloodveld202 Multicombat.png11/1,170.3
Iorwerth Archer90 Multicombat.png11/78
Iorwerth Warrior108 Multicombat.png11/78
Jogre53; 58 Multicombat.png1Rare(~14/2752)
Jungle horror70 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Kalphite Guardian141 Multicombat.png1Common
Kalphite Soldier85 Multicombat.png11/1,170.3
Kalphite Worker28 Multicombat.png11/167.2
Killerwatt55 Multicombat.png1Common
King Sand Crab107 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
King kurask295 Multicombat.png1–31/63
Kraka91 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Kurask106 Multicombat.png1–31/63
Lanzig48 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Lava dragon252 Multicombat.png1–2Uncommon
Lesser demon82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png1Rare
Lizard42 Multicombat.png1Common
Lobstrosity68 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Locust rider68; 98; 106 Multicombat.png1Common
Mammoth80 Multicombat.png1Common
Man2; 4 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Market Guard48 Multicombat.png1Uncommon
Molanisk51 Multicombat.png1Uncommon