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Herbs are items used to make potions with the Herblore skill. There are many herbs, each of which have a "clean" and "grimy" state. Herbs must be clean to be used in potions. Players can clean grimy herbs, provided that they have the minimum required Herblore level (see below).

When making potions, players must combine a clean herb with a vial of water, coconut milk, vial of blood or potentially other finished potions before adding a secondary ingredient if necessary. The majority of herbs can be used to make more than one type of potion, the exceptions being guam leaf, marrentill, rogue's purse, and snapdragon.

Cleaning grimy herbs[edit | edit source]

Players will obtain all herbs as grimy through Farming, though they can be obtained clean from other players, at the Grand Exchange or through various monster drops. Players can clean grimy herbs by left-clicking on them, gaining a small amount of Herblore experience points, but each type of herb has a minimum Herblore level requirement that players must have to do so. Players who do not have the required Herblore level to clean a herb can take it to Zahur, the herbalist in Nardah, who will clean it for 200 coins.

Farming herbs[edit | edit source]

Herbs, grown in herb patches, are a variable yield crop and the resulting number of herbs harvested from a grown plants changes depending on a number of factors from the players Farming level, compost usage, item bonuses (Magic secateurs and the Farming cape), diary bonuses and a linear function that is unique for each herb type until Level 99 Farming where the value is the same for all herbs. For more information see: Farming.

Typically at 99 with Magic secateurs and a Farming cape one can expect 4.712 herbs with no compost, 6.282 herbs with regular compost, 7.853 herbs with supercompost and 9.423 herbs with ultracompost from a fully grown plant. A practical use calculator which can be adjusted for a players specific circumstances will give a more accurate result and can be found here.

Herb table[edit | edit source]

Normal herbs[edit | edit source]

Herblore Herblore Herb GE Price Profit GP/XP
Level Exp Grimy Clean
3 2.5 Grimy guam leaf Guam leaf inventory image Guam leaf 42 55 13 5.20
5 3.8 Grimy marrentill Marrentill inventory image Marrentill 30 37 7 1.84
11 5.0 Grimy tarromin Tarromin inventory image Tarromin 114 138 24 4.80
20 6.3 Grimy harralander Harralander inventory image Harralander 401 432 31 4.92
25 7.5 Grimy ranarr weed Ranarr weed inventory image Ranarr weed 5,820 5,901 81 10.80
30 8.0 Grimy toadflax Toadflax inventory image Toadflax 2,875 2,973 98 12.25
40 8.8 Grimy irit leaf Irit leaf inventory image Irit leaf 900 930 30 3.41
48 10.0 Grimy avantoe Avantoe inventory image Avantoe 2,626 2,663 37 3.70
54 11.3 Grimy kwuarm Kwuarm inventory image Kwuarm 2,733 2,754 21 1.86
59 11.8 Grimy snapdragon Snapdragon inventory image Snapdragon 7,026 7,104 78 6.61
65 12.5 Grimy cadantine Cadantine inventory image Cadantine 3,195 3,230 35 2.80
67 13.1 Grimy lantadyme Lantadyme inventory image Lantadyme 1,629 1,655 26 1.98
70 13.8 Grimy dwarf weed Dwarf weed inventory image Dwarf weed 1,348 1,379 31 2.25
75 15.0 Grimy torstol Torstol inventory image Torstol 3,194 3,273 79 5.27

Jungle Potion herbs[edit | edit source]

Some herbs can only be cleaned after a player starts the Jungle Potion quest. They are not tradeable.

Herb Grimy Clean Level Clean XP
Ardrigal Grimy ardrigal Ardrigal 3 2.5
Rogue's purse Grimy rogue's purse Rogue's purse 3 2.5
Sito foil Grimy sito foil Sito foil 3 2.5
Snake weed Grimy snake weed Snake weed 3 2.5
Volencia moss Grimy volencia moss Volencia moss 3 2.5

Other herbs[edit | edit source]

Herb Grimy Clean Level Clean XP
Goutweed N/A Goutweed N/A N/A
Bruma herb N/A Bruma herb N/A N/A
Buchu leaf Grimy buchu leaf Buchu leaf 52 2
Noxifer Grimy noxifer Noxifer 60 3
Golpar Grimy golpar Golpar 47 1

Obtaining herbs[edit | edit source]

Players can obtain grimy herbs via several methods, perhaps most notably by growing seeds via the Farming skill and as drops from monsters. They may also receive herbs from the Sorceress's Garden minigame, from their kingdom on Miscellania and Etceteria, from the sinister chest, or as a reward from the Pest Control and Temple Trekking minigames.

As drops[edit | edit source]

Grimy herbs are available as drops from various monsters, including very low-level opponents such as men in Lumbridge. Some monsters drop more herbs than others. No monsters except the Tree spirit and Prison Pete random events will drop toadflax, snapdragon or torstol; these herbs are obtained from either the Brimhaven agility arena (toadflax and snapdragon), or the herb chest in the Yanille Agility dungeon. Looting a nature impling jar may give the player a snapdragon.

From the sinister chest[edit | edit source]

Players can also kill Salarin the twisted for the Sinister Key, which opens the sinister chest. Players will receive two harralanders, three ranarr weeds, one irit leaf, one kwuarm, and one torstol. Both Salarin the twisted and the Sinister chest are found in the Yanille Agility dungeon, and players need an Agility level of 67 to reach him. Salarin the twisted, the Chaos Fanatic, and the Magpie impling are currently the only non-player characters that drop the sinister key.

Salarin the twisted can only be injured by one of the four elemental strike spells: Wind Strike, Water Strike, Earth Strike, or Fire Strike. Chaos druids and Chaos druid warriors are also found in this area.

Via Farming[edit | edit source]

Players can also grow their own herbs from seeds via the Farming skill. They need to obtain the correct seeds for the type of herb they wish to grow, and plant them in a herb patch. At high Farming levels this can be a very effective method of obtaining experience in both the Herblore and Farming skills.

The herb patch used during My Arm's Big Adventure can be useful, as herbs grown in it cannot become diseased.

From the Miscellania kingdom[edit | edit source]

Players who have completed the Throne of Miscellania quest can receive grimy herbs from Miscellania (see Managing Miscellania). Players pay an average of 800 coins per herb collected using this method, and receive up to 80 grimy herbs per day, all tarromin or above, if they have enough money in the coffers and have herb-gathering set to maximum.

From Sorceress's Garden[edit | edit source]

Player can obtain clean herbs from the Sorceress's Garden minigame, in which players work their way through a maze to reach a herb patch. Having reached the end, players can pick two random herbs before being teleported back to the beginning of the maze. This takes approximately 50 seconds. It was often crowded with bots because of the easy access and high profit of this minigame.

The lowest garden (Winter) can only yield herbs up to harralanders. The highest garden (Summer) can yield all herbs given normally as a drop besides snapdragon and torstol.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
10 September 2020

You now clean all your herbs automatically after cleaning the first one in your Inventory.

9 March 2017

The value of grimy herbs has been increased so that they will now appear above bones when dropped on the floor

26 February 2015

Currently preserving the Old School herb model for the Grimy herb graphic, so the "cleaned" herbs look exactly like the identified herbs always did.