Grotesque Guardians Speed-Runner

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Grotesque Guardians Speed-Runner (#94)
Fighting Grotesque Guardians.png
Released 21 July 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1:20 minutes.
Tier Grandmaster
Monster Grotesque Guardians
Type Speed

Grotesque Guardians Speed-Runner is a grandmaster combat achievement which requires the player to "Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1:20 minutes."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Having best-in-slot equipment is highly encouraged for this task. A Scythe of vitur is recommended for melee, a toxic blowpipe with dragon darts for ranged, along with Dragon claws as a melee special. Thralls can also prove useful in providing some additional damage.