Guard (2014 Goblin Invasion)

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Guard (2014 Goblin Invasion).png
Released11 September 2014 (Update)
Removal25 September 2014 (Update)
Combat level19
Quest2014 Goblin Invasion
OptionsPaint, 360NoScope-paint
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Guards were involved in the second stage of the 2014 Goblin Invasion. During this stage, large numbers of guards and goblins could be found in and around Falador, with options to paint and 360NoScope-paint. Players could side with either the guard or goblin factions by talking to the Guard Recruiter or Goblin Recruiter to obtain an event rpg, then use it to paint the enemies of the opposing side. When fighting for the goblins, painting a guard would turn it into a green guard, which could be killed for drops and would increase the score of the goblin faction by 1. The guards were removed with the introduction of the third stage of the event, and all players aligned with the goblins were booted out and given the choice to rejoin with the guard faction.

Attempting to interact with the guards while not holding an event rpg would print the message You need an Event Launcher to do this. Please talk to your Recruiter to obtain one. Attempting to paint the guards while enrolled in the guard faction would print You cannot paint your own team!