Guard (2014 Goblin Invasion, spy)

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Guard (2014 Goblin Invasion, spy) was removed after an update.
As the contents of this page no longer exist in Old School RuneScape, this article is preserved for historical purposes.

Guards were involved in the first stage of the 2014 Goblin Invasion. During this stage, large numbers of guards and goblins could be found in and around Falador, with options to identify and capture. Players could side with either the guard or goblin factions by talking to the Guard Recruiter or Goblin Recruiter, then click to identify and capture the spies of the opposing side. Capturing a spy would increase the score of that player's faction by 1. This variant of guard was removed with the release of the second stage of the goblin invasion event and replaced with the paintable guard variant.

Attempting to interact with the guards before joining a faction would print the message Talk to either the Guard or Goblin recruiter to take part in this event.