Guard in tree

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Guard in tree chathead.png

The guard in tree is located in the tree with a Talk to tree option just west of the Draynor Village bank. He is trying to observe a suspect of a bank robbery. Players may offer to help him by giving him a stew, and he will give 30 coins in exchange. After a couple of minutes he will drop a bowl by the tree. It is not possible to obtain logs from the tree he is in.

If you select to chop down the tree, after a few strokes of the axe, the guard will cry out, saying "Oi!", "Hey - Gerroff me", "Don't draw attention to me!", "You'll blow my cover! I'm meant to be hidden!", "Ooooch!", "Ow! That really hurt!", "Watch what you're doing with that hatchet, you nit!", or "Will you stop already?"