Guardians of the Rift

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Guardians of the Rift
Guardians of the Rift.png
Released 23 March 2022 (Update)
Type Minigame
Members Yes
Location Temple of the Eye
Participants 1-200
Skills Runecraft, Mining, Crafting
Reward currency Abyssal pearls
Music Guardians of the Rift, The Guardians Prepare

Guardians of the Rift is a non-combat minigame that takes place within the Temple of the Eye. The main goal of the game is to assist The Great Guardian in closing an abyssal rift to The Scar, the most dangerous part of Abyssal Space, by supplying it with guardian stones while protecting it from the abyssal creatures that come through the rift.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Getting there[edit | edit source]

The portal to the Guardians of the Rift minigame resides in the basement of the Wizards' Tower. Players can get there faster than walking by using the following:

Official worlds[edit | edit source]

The following official worlds are assigned to Guardians of the Rift:

World Location Members Activity
425 Australia flag.png Australia Members Guardians of the Rift
425 Australia flag.png Australia Members Guardians of the Rift
445 United States flag.png United States (west) Members Guardians of the Rift
459 Germany flag.png Germany Members Guardians of the Rift
464 Germany flag.png Germany Members Guardians of the Rift
478 United States flag.png United States (east) Members Guardians of the Rift
490 United States flag.png United States (east) Members Guardians of the Rift
492 United States flag.png United States (east) Members Guardians of the Rift
507 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Members Guardians of the Rift
522 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Members Guardians of the Rift
534 Australia flag.png Australia Members Guardians of the Rift

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The objective of the minigame is to allow the Great Guardian to charge up enough power to close the rift where Abyssal creatures are coming through.

An overview of the Temple of the Eye, where the minigame takes place.

Players will need to do the following throughout the battle:

  • Imbue essence acquired during the minigame at runic altars to power up the Great Guardian
  • Create elemental and catalytic guardians to do battle with the incoming Abyssal creatures
  • Create/repair barriers to protect the Great Guardian from Abyssal creatures

To imbue essence and create rift guardians, players must obtain guardian fragments from guardian remains of varying sizes in the Temple. There are three nodes that can be mined off of - guardian parts, guardian remains, and large guardian remains. Parts and normal remains can be found in the edges of the temple area, while the larger remains are past some rubble in the mid-east of the Temple area, requiring level 56 Agility (not boostable) to access.

The huge guardian remains, which give guardian essence when mined, are found at the mid-western area of the temple. Though normally inaccessible, portals will occasionally appear that takes players there, spawning approximately every 2 minutes. Portals remain active for around 25 seconds.

The doubling effect of certain mining enhancers (ex. Varrock armour and charged celestial rings) will apply when mining for guardian fragments and essence.

Imbuing essence[edit | edit source]

The UI showing the time remaining for the active earth and blood Portal Guardians and the portal to the huge guardian remains, among other things.
Creating guardian essence on the workbench. Crafted runes can be deposited into a bank via the Deposit Pool next to it.

Guardian fragments are converted into guardian essence, which are storable in essence pouches. They are brought to runic altars to be imbued via entering Portal Guardians surrounding the centre of the Temple. Only two portals are active at a time: one elemental and one catalytic. Imbuing guardian essence requires the same Runecraft level as crafting them regularly in the corresponding altar. Note that crafting on runic altars during the minigame will not give players the rift guardian pet.[1]

Occasionally, players will receive a portal talisman that can be used on the Portal Guardians to take them back to the runic altar they previously used, even if the portal is closed for that altar. These cannot be kept after the game ends, so players should use them whenever possible. Players can right-click "Toggle-talisman" on a Portal Guardian to stop receiving portal talismans of the selected type.

Once players imbue their essence into either an elemental or catalytic guardian stone, they can return to the Temple and power up the Great Guardian. Each guardian stone will give two energy of the respective type; if crafting combination runes, players will instead receive polyelemental guardian stones, which give three elemental energy when used on the Great Guardian.

When powering up the Great Guardian, the player's run energy will be restored by 1% for each guardian stone granted to the Guardian. In addition, a small bonus amount is restored based on the player's current special attack energy, ranging from 1% extra with a totally depleted special energy bar up to 11% additional run energy when the special bar is completely full.[2]

Be aware that players need to have completed certain quests to be able to enter some Portal Guardians:

Charging cells[edit | edit source]

Charged cells are used to create rift guardians and erect barriers. Uncharged cells are obtained from a container near the entry barrier, and are charged in the same way guardian essence is. However, players can only hold up to ten uncharged cells, and can only have one charged cell at a time.

Barriers and rift guardians protecting the Great Guardian from Abyssal creatures.

Rift guardians are created with a chisel via the essence piles near the tables at the south, and can either be elemental (east) or catalytic (west). These will follow the elemental/catalytic guides in the outer ring. Only ten rift guardians can be active at any time.

Barriers are created by using charged cells on the cell tiles at the front-centre. Using increasingly higher tiers of cells in order (ex. medium to strong cells) will also strengthen them. Using lesser charged cells (ex. a strong cell on an overcharged barrier) will instead recharge the barriers by "healing" them. Should a barrier break, the cell tile will need to be repaired, which requires ten guardian essence.

The strength of the cell corresponds to the Runecraft level of the runic altar it is charged in:

Standard runes[edit | edit source]

Runecraft Level Type Tier Alignment
1 Air rune inventory image Air Weak cell Weak Elemental guardian stone inventory image Elemental
5 Water rune inventory image Water Medium cell Medium Elemental guardian stone inventory image Elemental
9 Earth rune inventory image Earth Strong cell Strong Elemental guardian stone inventory image Elemental
14 Fire rune inventory image Fire Overcharged cell Overcharged Elemental guardian stone inventory image Elemental
2 Mind rune inventory image Mind Weak cell Weak Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
20 Body rune inventory image Body Weak cell Weak Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
27 Cosmic rune inventory image Cosmic Medium cell Medium Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
35 Chaos rune inventory image Chaos Medium cell Medium Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
44 Nature rune inventory image Nature Strong cell Strong Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
54 Law rune inventory image Law Strong cell Strong Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
65 Death rune inventory image Death Overcharged cell Overcharged Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic
77 Blood rune inventory image Blood Overcharged cell Overcharged Catalytic guardian stone inventory image Catalytic

Combination runes[edit | edit source]

Since each combination rune can be made on either of two altars, the cell tier is determined by the elemental altar that's used.

Runecraft Level Type Alignment
6 Mist rune inventory image Mist Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental
10 Dust rune inventory image Dust Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental
13 Mud rune inventory image Mud Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental
15 Smoke rune inventory image Smoke Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental
19 Steam rune inventory image Steam Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental
23 Lava rune inventory image Lava Polyelemental guardian stone inventory image Polyelemental

Gaining energy[edit | edit source]

Players can gain energy by either using cells, by using guardian stones on the Great Guardian, or by repairing a barrier. For each stone used, players will get 5 Runecraft experience and two energy in elemental or catalytic depending on the type of essence used; if crafting combination runes, players will get a polyelemental guardian stone instead, which gives three elemental energy. If players use ten essence on repairing a cell tile they will gain 25 energy in both types.

Each cell can be used in one of four ways: to build a barrier, to recharge a barrier, to strengthen a barrier (one tier at a time) or to create a guardian. Higher level cells give more energy, except for when building barriers, which always gives 2 energy in both types. Using cells on barriers gives equal energy in elemental and catalytic, whereas creating a guardian gives energy only in the energy type matching the guardian they created. Creating a guardian awards energy, where is the energy that would be awarded for strengthening a barrier with the same cell.

Tier Barrier Guardian
Placing Strengthening Recharging Health restored XP Creating[n 1] XP
Weak cell Weak 17 N/A 2 Heal hitsplat.png 10 Runecraft 30 6 Runecraft 30
Crafting 80
Medium cell Medium 20 7 5 Heal hitsplat.png 25 Runecraft 100 15 Runecraft 100
Crafting 80
Strong cell Strong 24 13 9 Heal hitsplat.png 50 Runecraft 180 27 Runecraft 180
Crafting 80
Overcharged cell Overcharged 30 22 15 Heal hitsplat.png 100 Runecraft 250 45 Runecraft 250
Crafting 80
  1. ^ Creating rift guardians only yields energy in either elemental or catalytic, while other uses of cells yield equal energy in both.

Phases of the battle[edit | edit source]

Charged with enough power, the Great Guardian closes the rift.

New players cannot join in after the initial 120 second timer ends. After this enemies will begin spawning and altar portals will open.

The battle is split into three phases:

The first phase is short, giving players two minutes to prepare by obtaining guardian essence and uncharged cells to create and power up guardians. Initially, there are some weak cells used in the beginning stages of the battle that should be used to erect barriers.

After the two minutes pass, abyssal creatures will begin spawning from the rift, consisting of mostly abyssal leeches and guardians. There will be a few walkers among them. The monsters will attempt to attack the Great Guardian, with their attacks draining its energy. They will also attack barriers and rift guardians, although they only retaliate back for the latter, not actively targeting them. Should the Great Guardian's energy level reach 0%, the encounter will fail.

When the guardian reaches 60% charge, the temple will rumble as the rift glows more intensely, damaging all active barriers by 50 health (in a mass) and spewing out more guardians and walkers compared to leeches. Players should heal the barriers and create more rift guardians if necessary.

When the guardian reaches 100% charge, it will seal the rift. All abyssal creatures and rift guardians will automatically die once this occurs and there's a brief period of respite for players inside to leave or reposition themselves.

At the beginning of a new game, all guardian fragments, essence, and portal talismans acquired during the game will be removed from the player's possession - this also applies when leaving the minigame area.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

At the end of a game, players will receive points and Runecraft experience equal to their Runecraft level * 45 as long as they gained at least 150 total energy during the game. An elemental point will be given for every 100 elemental energy and a catalytic point will be given for every 100 catalytic energy, with a chance of rounding up (ex. 73 elemental energy will give a 73% chance of gaining one elemental point). One of each are used to search the Rewards Guardian, located just outside the rift gate, where players can receive their rewards from. A maximum of 1,200 total energy can be earned per game (1320 when having the abyssal lantern burning yew logs), with a cap of 1,000 per energy type.

Rewards Guardian[edit | edit source]

The Rewards Guardian.

Rewards from the Guardian include a standard loot table including runes and talismans, as well as various unique rewards.

Item Info
Abyssal pearls inventory image Abyssal pearls Used to purchase items from the Temple Supplies shop.
Intricate pouch inventory image Intricate pouch Can give a tarnished locket or a lost bag. Grants a random amount of runes or one of several dragon items. Also has a chance at granting a hard clue.
Atlax's diary inventory image Atlax's diary An old diary of someone's experiences at the Temple of the Eye.
Elemental talisman inventory image Elemental talisman Grants access to all elemental runic altars.
Catalytic talisman inventory image Catalytic talisman Grants access to all catalytic runic altars, provided the player has completed the quests to access those that require it.
Abyssal needle inventory image Abyssal needle Combines all essence pouches into one colossal pouch (requiring Runecraft 85 Runecraft and Crafting 56 Crafting to use). If the colossal pouch is lost, players may simply use a normal needle on the Rewards Guardian to obtain another Abyssal needle.
Abyssal lantern inventory image Abyssal lantern Gives various benefits within the minigame depending on the type of logs used to light it.
Abyssal red dye Abyssal green dye Abyssal blue dye Abyssal dyes Recolours the raiments of the eye, lost bag, and amulet of the eye. Comes in red, green, and blue.
Abyssal protector inventory image Abyssal protector An abyssal creature pet, similar to an abyssal guardian.

Temple Supplies[edit | edit source]

Apprentice Felix, the proprietor of the Temple Supplies shop.

Items from the rewards shop are purchased with Abyssal pearls, which are obtained from the Rewards Guardian.

Item Info Pearls required
Raiments of the Eye inventory image Raiments of the Eye

Each piece grants the wearer 10% more runes (up to a maximum of 60% when the full set is equipped).

400 (Hat),
350 (Top and bottoms),
250 (Boots)

Ring of the elements inventory image Ring of the elements

Teleports players near the elemental runic altars. Charged with one of each elemental rune and one law rune.

Guardian's eye inventory image Guardian's eye

When used on the rift guardian pet, will allow it to transform to a Greatish guardian.

Talisman inventory image Talismans

Used to create tiaras and enter runic altars. Elemental, catalytic, and wrath talismans are not sold. Blood talismans are exclusively sold here.

10 (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Body),
30 (Chaos, Cosmic),
50 (Nature, Law),
80 (Death),
100 (Blood)

Music[edit | edit source]

Track Details
The Guardians Prepare. Plays during the first phase of the game.
Guardians of the Rift. Plays during the rest of the game.
Plays upon winning a game of Guardians of the Rift.
Plays upon losing a game of Guardians of the Rift.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
3 May 2023

Players can now purchase an abyssal lantern from Apprentice Felix via dialogue for 1,500 abyssal pearls.

18 April 2023

Worlds 425 (Australia), 441 (US West) & 459 (EU) will now become additional theme worlds for Guardians of the Rift.

7 December 2022

Essence Pouches have been added to the minigame's loot table.

11 August 2022

Two new official worlds have been designated for the minigame: 490 for United States (east) and 507 for United Kingdom

26 May 2022
  • The amount of players that can join a game has been increased from 100 to 200.
  • Players seeking to play in smaller groups can now speak to Apprentice Tamara to lock down the barrier once the first stage of the game begins; this cannot be done on official worlds, and players must have Tamara re-lock the barrier each time a game ends.
  • A brief period of time has been added upon the Great Guardian reaching 100% power to allow players to hand in their excess guardian stones before the game ends.
  • Multiple rift guardians can now be simultaneously made from one essence pile, and the time it takes to create one has been reduced.
  • The "Inspect" option from cell barriers has been removed, and the length of their health bars have been halved. In addition, they will always display their health bars if not full.
18 May 2022

It is no longer possible to cast Alchemy spells inside.

11 April 2022

The official worlds 571 and 576 have been switched with 464 (Germany) and 534 (Australia).[3]

13 April 2022
  • Crafting combination runes will now give polyelemental guardian stones instead of elemental guardian stones. As a result, the bug in which the Raiments of the Eye provided extra elemental guardian stones when crafting combination runes has been fixed.
  • Abyssal lanterns and dyes can be exchanged with Apprentice Felix for 100 and 50 abyssal pearls, respectively.
  • Placing cells on an empty cell tile now gives 17-30 of each energy (depending on the type of cell used) rather than 2.
  • Repairing a broken cell tile now gives 25 of each energy rather than 10.
  • Cells can now be upgraded at a runic altar, without having to drop weaker cells to acquire a better charged cell.
  • The Deposit Pool now has "Deposit-runes" as its left-click option.
  • Destroy options have been reinstated for guardian fragments and stones.
  • Guardians of the Rift completions have been added to the HiScores.
  • Portal Guardians will no longer appear active during the starting phase.
11 April 2022

Two new official worlds have been designated for the minigame: 571 for Australia and 576 for United States (east), both being free-to-play worlds.

30 March 2022
  • Timers have been added to the minigame UI for when the first phase ends, when the active Portal Guardians will change, and when the shortcut portals close.
  • Official worlds have been dedicated for the minigame: 445 for the United States (west) and 522 for the United Kingdom.
  • Prices for the Raiments of the Eye have been reduced. Players who purchased them before this update will find upon login that the difference in abyssal pearls have been refunded to their bank, their inventory if the bank is full, or on the ground if both are full.
  • The entry barrier now has "Quick-pass" option, and will appear red with the eye closed when a game is ongoing. Players can also toggle the visual effects that occur when using portals off or on via the barrier.
  • Gameplay items now have a "Drop" option rather than "Destroy".
  • The superior cell will now be prioritised when two players are attempting to assemble a rift guardian with differently charged cells.
  • The rubble leading to the large guardian remains now has a "Climb" option rather than "Climb-down".
  • Portals to the huge guardian fragment mine will no longer spawn to the north due to players being prone to misclick objects around it.
24 March 2022
  • The amount of players that can join a game has been increased from 60 to 100.
  • Players can now enter the game during the first phase.
  • Charged cells can now be used on barriers with full health for contribution.
  • The drop rate of abyssal pearls have been increased by 15%.
  • Points cap has been increased from 1,000 to 1,200.
  • Cells now 'heal' full-health barriers, giving extra contribution points but not Runecraft XP.
23 March 2022
  • The infernal pickaxe will no longer lose charges during the minigame.
  • Players who have not completed Temple of the Eye can no longer access the Guardians of the Rift lobby.
  • The "Peek" option on the entrance to the minigame now displays the power % of the Great Guardian.
  • The Mind portal talisman can no longer be obtained during the Guardians of the Rift tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to craft Mind and Water runes after the Guardians of the Rift tutorial.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Developers[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Icons for runes used in the minigame UI. Notably, astral, soul, and wrath icons exist despite never seeing use.
The pineapple, moai and rock in the style of SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Originally, the minigame was to be called Guardians of Gielinor. This name was changed prior to its release to Guardians of the Rift.[4]
  • Despite not being used during the minigame, icons indicating active portals to the Astral, Soul, and Wrath Altars exist in the game's files.
  • On the ocean floor to the east of the Temple, a pineapple, moai, and rock can be seen. This is a reference to the homes of the main characters of the television show SpongeBob SquarePants. This is further evidenced by their examine information.
  • Several mechanics of the minigame were changed from the original Developer's Blog midway through development:
    • Players would need to bring their own pure essence alongside guardian fragments in order to create guardian essence. This was changed to no longer be necessary.
    • There was originally a bank chest inside the minigame area where players can retrieve pure essence from alongside any other items they may have forgotten to bring. With the aforementioned change making pure essence unnecessary, the bank chest was changed to a Deposit Pool.
    • Cells were originally referred to as batteries.
    • The outer edges containing large and huge guardian remains were both originally going to be accessible with varying Agility levels, with the yellow portals being able to bypass the Agility requirement. This was changed so that only the huge remains are accessible via portal, giving guardian essence when mined rather than fragments.
  • Several rewards for the minigame were also changed midway through development:
    • The catalytic talisman would not allow access to the Death Altar until Mourning's End Part II was completed.
    • The Blood Altar was not planned to be accessible via the Abyss.
    • The abyssal lantern was purchased from the Temple Supplies reward shop rather than being a random reward from the Rewards Guardian. In addition, lighting it originally required two logs of a certain type, but would only stay lit for one round; up to ten logs could be used to light it, which would allow it to stay lit for five rounds.
      • The lantern was later made purchasable, though via Apprentice Felix rather than from the Temple Supplies shop.
    • The Raiments of the Eye originally gave a 10% chance per item (60% when all items are equipped) to craft additional runes. What "additional runes" meant was never clarified, and was changed to its current functionality.

References[edit | edit source]

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