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The Golden goblin

Gubblebak is a mythical goblin referenced during the Grim Tales quest. During the quest, players find a golden goblin statue which, according to legend, is Gubblebak's gold-covered body. However, the legend is something of a fairy tale, making its accuracy unclear.

According to legend, Gubblebak was a money-loving goblin who forced other goblins to smelt gold ore for his own benefit. Tired of this, the workers led a mutiny, during which Gubblebak tripped into a vat of molten gold. Still alive, Gubblebak climbed out of the vat and hurled himself into a trough of water normally used during the smithing process. The gold's rapid cooling led to the gold's solidifying, killing Gubblebak but leaving his body encased in a statue of solid gold.

At some point the statue fell into the hands of the giant Glod. During Grim Tales, the player defeats Glod and brings the statue to Sylas, a treasure-hunter in Taverley.