Gublinch lair

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Gublinch lair
2013 Christmas event - Gublinch lair location.png
Released17 December 2013 (Update)
MusicJungle Bells

Gublinch lair was a dungeon accessible during the 2013 Christmas event via an entrance south of the Karamja Volcano. Gublinches could be found inside.

A player pelting a gublinch within the cave.

Players could search the entrance to see the following message:
"*DANGER: GUBLINCH* This 'ere notice be warnin' all landlubbers o' these 'ere gublinch, what lie in wait in their stinky cavern below. Any swashbucklin' sailor or cutlass-weilding pirate wi' an eye fer treasure should see out Shanty Claws (sailor), Musa Point, On the Dock. Thankee kindly."

Players were unable to return to the lair after completing the event; you merely receive the message, "The cavern is empty of gublinch now; there's no need to go down there."