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Large statue (Guthix) built.png
Also known as Lord of Balance
Gender Male[1]
Race None[2]
Alignment Balance
Colours Green
Adjective Guthixian
Guthix symbol.png

Guthix is the god of balance and nature and one of the three major gods of RuneScape alongside Saradomin and Zamorak. Evidence from the God letters and the abidance of the other gods to his will suggests that Guthix is the strongest of the gods.

Guthix originally arrived in Gielinor as the First Age began and was amazed by its perfection. Using the World Gate to travel across different planes, he invited species he deemed worthy to inhabit the world, most notably gnomes, elves, dwarves and humans. After doing so, Guthix sealed the World Gate and, by the Second Age, had entered a deep sleep.

In his absence, other gods had discovered Gielinor and sought to bring it under their control, bringing with them new races to inhabit Gielinor and serve them. The most prolific and successful among these opportunistic gods was Zaros, who built a vast empire which stretched across Forinthry (which is currently known as the Wilderness), as well as large parts of Asgarnia, Misthalin, and some of the surrounding areas. As Guthix slept, wars raged, Zaros was slain, the Zarosian Empire rose and fell, and other gods, particularly Saradomin and Zamorak, caused vast destruction in the wake of Zaros's death during the God Wars, seeking to lay claim to the lands that had once made up his empire. The God Wars roiled throughout the Third Age for over 4,000 years until Zamorak used the Stone of Jas, laying waste to the entire northern region of Forinthry. The damage was so immense that Guthix at last awoke from his slumber.

To stop the destruction, Guthix cast out all the gods and dictated the Edicts of Guthix, as well as erecting a physical barrier preventing the other gods from interfering with the world except in small, indirect ways, such as the use of prayer. After banishing the gods, Guthix wandered the world to witness the devastation that had taken place in his absence. In a cave in what is now southern Misthalin, he wept over the destruction, and the earth wept with him, creating the legendary Tears of Guthix. With Gielinor slowly beginning to recover, Guthix went back to his slumber, not to be heard from again.


I am beyond good or evil, I am simply Guthix.[3]
The Taverley stone circle, a monument dedicated to Guthix.

Guthix is the god of balance and nature. He is generally considered a benevolent entity who wishes the best for mortals, thinking the best environment is one of balance. This would entail a utilitarian balance between peace and conflict, chaos and order, nature and culture; whatever is best for mortals or is necessary to maintain balance is thus permissible. Likewise, Guthix expects his followers to live in balance with their world and respect it. According to the God letters, Guthix also approves of morally evil acts if they would serve balance, so long as there would not be an excess of evil nor good.[4]

There is a common misconception about Guthix, which is that he is the god of neutrality or tranquillity. While this holds some truth, seeing that Guthix seeks to create a world of balance where mortals could live in peace without the interference of gods, balance does not necessarily entail peace, and Guthix is not above the use of violence; for example, although he spared the gods responsible for the destruction of Forinthry and the massive loss of the lives of mortals during the God Wars, Guthix has warned that he will destroy and remake the world should his Edicts be broken.

Over the many years that Guthix had secluded himself from the world, his wish for mortals to forget him was not heeded, and Guthix's desires for mortals are oft misinterpreted by some of his followers. Guthix did not want mortals to worship him, but this led to quite a divide between some of his closest and most devoted of followers, such as Juna.


Groups and races

  • Druids - Naturalists and herbalists located in Taverley.
  • Certain dwarves - A small but rugged group of humanoids who are known to be great miners and smiths.
  • Gnomes - A small humanoid race who live closely with nature; they are known to love their small comforts, but are also known for their ingenuity and inquisitive nature.
  • Seers - A group of humans with precognitive abilities.
  • Certain Fremenniks - A group of humans who inhabit the Fremennik Province.
  • Fairies - Small flying humanoids from Zanaris.
  • Moss Giants - A species of giant.
  • Chaos druids - Combative druids who strive for balance using Zamorak's methodology.
  • Void Knights - Protectors of Gielinor from the threats from the Void, found at the Void Knights' Outpost.
  • Ents - Sapient tree-like creatures.

Notable individuals

Animals associated with Guthix

Affiliated items



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