Habitat space

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Habitat space
Habitat space.png
Released4 September 2014 (Update)
LocationPlayer-owned house (menagerie)
ExamineYou can build a habitat here.
Advanced data
Object ID26833, 26839, 26845, 26851

Habitat space is a hotspot in the Menagerie of a player-owned house that is only visible to the player when in building mode. This space is only available in the outdoor version of the menagerie.

Creation Menu[edit | edit source]

Key[1] Construction Level Habitat Materials[2] Experience Cost[3]
1 37 Grassland habitat.png Grassland habitat Bagged dead tree.pngBagged dead tree
Compost.pngCompost x2
37 1,590
2 47 Forest habitat.png Forest habitat Bagged nice tree.pngBagged nice tree
Compost.pngCompost x3
51 3,452
3 57 Desert habitat.png Desert habitat Bagged plant 1.pngBagged plant 1
Bucket of sand.pngBucket of sand x5
34 1,875
4 67 Polar habitat.png Polar habitat Oak plank.pngOak plank x3
Water rune.pngWater rune x2000
Ice cooler.pngIce cooler x5
271 11,259
5 77 Volcanic habitat.png Volcanic habitat Granite (5kg).pngGranite (5kg) x5
Lava rune.pngLava rune x100
46 3,360
  1. ^ Press this key on your keyboard while in the Creation Menu to build this item.
  2. ^ The grassland habitat, forest habitat, and desert habitat require a watering can with at least 1 dose.
  3. ^ Bagged items can be bought at a garden supplier for cheaper costs.