Hallowed Sepulchre

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Hallowed Sepulchre
Hallowed Sepulchre lobby.png
Released 4 June 2020 (Update)
Type Minigame
Members Yes
Location Darkmeyer
Participants 1
Skills Agility, Thieving, Construction, Prayer, Magic
Reward currency Hallowed mark
Tutorial No
Music Well Hallowed Air, Watch Your Step

The Hallowed Sepulchre is an Agility activity set in an ancient Saradominist burial ground of the city Hallowvale located beneath Darkmeyer available to players with level 52 Agility. There are five floors available scaling with the player's Agility level. In order to receive hallowed marks, the coffins must be looted, with deeper floors providing more marks per looted coffin. Noticeboards are located next to the stairs on either side of the lobby, where players can check their personal statistics within the Sepulchre, as well as the global statistics.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Second Age and early Third Age, the land of Morytania was a Saradominist kingdom known as Hallowvale. The Hallowed Sepulchre served as the final resting place for many Hallowvale residents. Members of Saradominist religious orders were frequently buried there. Accordingly, looting coffins will sometimes yield a Holy symbol or Monk's robes.

As the God Wars progressed, the conquest of Hallowvale (and thus the sacking of the Sepulchre) became increasingly likely. A Justiciar of Saradomin eventually instructed the Archpriest of the Unicorn to begin securing the Sepulchre. The Archpriest and his followers got to work filling the Sepulchre with dangerous traps. They became more skilled at making the traps deadlier as construction moved down the floors. Down at the final level, the Archpriest sealed himself and his followers within their tombs, ensuring the secret of how to disarm the traps died with them. Despite the loss of Hallowvale to the Vampyres, the traps were very successful in their purpose: as of the Fifth Age, no Vampyres have been able to access the Sepulchre.

The entrance to the Hallowed Sepulchre.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Access to the city of Darkmeyer
  • Agility 52 Agility in order to enter the Sepulchre, with higher requirements to access the lower floors. The Agility requirements are non-boostable.
    • Floor 2: Agility 62 Agility
    • Floor 3: Agility 72 Agility
    • Floor 4: Agility 82 Agility
    • Floor 5: Agility 92 Agility
  • (Recommended) Hitpoints 70+ Hitpoints to withstand damage from traps.
  • (Recommended) A Saradomin item is necessary to use the Magical Obelisks at the end of each floor to restore run energy. Run energy will be drained if the player has any non-Saradomin God items equipped (such as an Armadyl crossbow).

Looting the coffins is optional, but is the only way to obtain rewards like hallowed marks. The following minimum levels are required, depending on the obstacle blocking the coffin:

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Progressing through the Hallowed Sepulchre requires running through each floor in a limited amount of time. The first floor begins with 2 minutes on the timer, and an additional 2 minutes is added to the timer when climbing down to each lower level. After the timer runs out, the player will still be able to complete the current floor to gain Agility experience, but will not be able to loot coffins or progress to the next floor. Hallowed tokens can be used to extend the timer. Time saved on a floor gets carried over to the next one.

The timer is paused after passing the final obstacle on each floor. This area contains magical obelisks, which will restore the player's run energy if a Saradomin item is equipped and can be used to exit the sepulchre.

Experience for completing a floor will only be granted upon descending the stairs at the end of the floor, or by exiting the floor via one of the magical obelisks.

Obstacles[edit | edit source]

The obstacles in the Hallowed Sepulchre appear in cyclic patterns that block the player, but can be avoided with careful movement and timing. In most cases, running into an obstacle will teleport the player to a location just before the obstacle on the path, costing the player time. This deals a small amount of damage unless the hallowed ring is equipped. The following dangerous obstacles appear along the route:

  • Wizard statue - These statues shoot fire that blocks the entire path. In most locations, the statues shoot fire in an alternating pattern from the left and right. This can be avoided by standing in the single tile gap between shooting fire.
  • Knight statue - These statues throw a large Saradomin sword that travels forward and backward along the path. Statues in lower levels shoot swords that move faster, making them harder to avoid.
  • Crossbowman statue - These statues shoot small bolts that travel along the path and must be avoided. Early floors shoot only a single fire bolt, but lower floors shoot 2 at a time, leaving only a single tile gap.
  • Priest statue - These statues summon lightning in a 3x3 pattern that can stun the player briefly.
  • Strange tile - Coloured tiles can teleport the player when illuminated. Blue tiles teleport the player forward, and yellow tiles teleport the player backward. At deeper floors, the tiles must be used in order to teleport past the fast swords thrown by knight statues.

All traps can be completely avoided if movement is properly timed. However, this requires significant practice and players should consider bringing food until purchasing the hallowed ring.

Looting coffins[edit | edit source]

A first floor coffin

Coffins are found on each floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre. Looting coffins provides hallowed marks and other random rewards including some unique items. At the end of the final floor there is an additional Grand Hallowed Coffin that can be looted if the player reaches the end before the timer ends. Coffins can no longer be looted after the timer ends, along with the other activities required to reach them.

Failing to loot a coffin will poison the player. With low hitpoints it is recommended to bring antipoison or the prayer book.

Though not required, a lockpick will increase the chance of success when opening coffins. A strange old lockpick will give an even better chance of successfully looting, and will not use any charges.

Each coffin is obstructed by a skill challenge that must be unblocked before looting. Each type of challenge has different item and skill requirements.

Recommended setup[edit | edit source]

Hammer.pngSaw.pngRune nails.pngStrange old lockpick.png
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank.pngMahogany plank.pngMahogany plank.png
Vampyre dust.pngVampyre dust.pngVampyre dust.pngVampyre dust.png
Cosmic rune.pngLava rune.pngPrayer book.pngPlank sack.png
Rune pouch.png
Graceful hood.png
Graceful cape.png
Holy symbol.png
Mith grapple.png
Dorgeshuun crossbow.png
Graceful top.png
Holy book.png
Graceful legs.png
Graceful gloves.png
Graceful boots.png

This setup is recommended when attempting the sepulchre for the first time and none of the items are unlocked. Once the player has acquired enough hallowed marks, it is recommended to first purchase and equip the hallowed ring, followed by the other rewards in any order: hallowed grapple, hallowed focus, hallowed symbol, and hallowed hammer.

Experience rates[edit | edit source]

Floor Level Req. Floor Exp Cumulative Exp Realistic XP/hour No looting XP/hour Jagex estimated XP/hour Treasure Encounter XP (both ways) Min. Cumulative time for Jagex XP/hour rates
1 Agility 52 Agility 575 575 30,000 40,000 36,000 100 58 seconds
2 Agility 62 Agility 925 1,500 40,000 50,000 48,000 100 1 minute 57 seconds
3 Agility 72 Agility 1,500 3,000 50,000 60,000 55,000 150 3 minutes 32 seconds
4 Agility 82 Agility 2,700 5,700 60,000 70,000 66,000 150 5 minutes 44 seconds
5 Agility 92 Agility 6,000 11,700 80,000 90,000 75,000 160 10 minutes 22 seconds

Please note that experience rates will be higher if you ignore opportunities to loot coffins.

  1. Note that 90,000 XP/hour is attainable by only looting the Grand Hallowed Coffin allowing for some mistakes.
  2. The minimum cumulative time for Jagex XP/hr rates is the minimum time it should take to run to the end of a floor, starting with floor 1 and assuming no time spent waiting while the timer is paused. The actual minimum cumulative time would need to be approximately 10-20 seconds faster to account for paused time between floors.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Reward shop[edit | edit source]

While looting coffins the player will be rewarded with Hallowed marks. These can be used in the reward shop in order to purchase the following unique items:

Reward Cost in Hallowed mark.png Description
Hallowed crystal shard.png Hallowed crystal shard Hallowed mark 1.png 1 Used to teleport to the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby. They can be purchased from the Mysterious Hallowed Goods shop.
Hallowed token.png Hallowed token Hallowed mark 5.png 10 This token, when consumed within the Hallowed Sepulchre, will add an extra minute to the remaining time. You may use more than one token per attempt.
Hallowed grapple.png Hallowed grapple Hallowed mark 25.png 100 This grapple, when equipped in the ammo slot, will always succeed grappling a Pillar.
This grapple cannot be used anywhere outside of the crypt.
Hallowed focus.png Hallowed focus Hallowed mark 25.png 100 This focus, when equipped in the off-hand slot, will guarantee the success of conjuring Portal Frames (regardless of the spell used and the player's Magic level) as well as speed up the process.
Hallowed symbol.png Hallowed symbol Hallowed mark 25.png 100 This symbol, when equipped in the necklace slot, will halve the number of sacrifices required to a Saradomin Brazier and speed up walking through prayer barriers.
Hallowed hammer.png Hallowed hammer Hallowed mark 25.png 100 This hammer will never break nails when repairing Broken Bridges.
This hammer cannot be used anywhere outside of the crypt.
Hallowed ring.png Hallowed ring Hallowed mark 25.png 250 This ring, when equipped in the ring slot, will prevent the user from taking damage and save a bit of time when failing an obstacle.
It will "teleport them in the nick of time" and send them back to the start of the obstacle reducing the time penalty, and eliminating the need to bring food.
Dark dye.png Dark dye Hallowed mark 25.png 300 This dye can be used on any piece of graceful armour to recolour it into a dark graceful piece of armour. Total of 6 Dark dyes are needed to recolour the full graceful set.
Dark acorn.png Dark acorn Hallowed mark 25.png 3,000 This acorn, when used on the Giant Squirrel pet, will turn it into a black and red version to match the dark graceful set.
It is a permanent unlock and can be toggled back to its original colour at any time.
Hallowed sack.png Hallowed sack Hallowed mark 25.png 100 When opened, hallowed sacks give loot found in coffins within the Hallowed Sepulchre.
Each sack gives five rolls from the low-tier loot table, one roll from the mid-tier loot table, and two rolls from the high-tier loot table.

The equipable Hallowed items acquired from the shop count as Saradomin items for the purpose of regaining run energy from the Magical Obelisks at the end of each floor, as well as for protection purposes in God Wars Dungeon.

Buying all items from the reward shop, including six dark dyes to recolour a full graceful set, costs Hallowed mark 25.png 5,450. This does not include the three consumable items: Hallowed tokens, Hallowed crystal shards, and Hallowed sacks.

Coffin rewards[edit | edit source]

Looting coffins provides the following unique rewards:

Reward Description
Ring of endurance.png Ring of endurance The ring of endurance can only be obtained from the Grand Hallowed Coffin on floor 5.[1]

The ring can be charged with up to 1000 doses of stamina potion (1 dose = 1 charge). A charge is consumed when you drink a stamina potion, making the effects of the potion last twice as long. If the ring is removed while under the effects of a stamina potion, the remaining duration is cut in half. Wearing the ring will also reduce run energy drain rate by 15% when the ring is charged with at least 500 charges and a stamina potion is not active.

The ring requires 70 Agility to equip.

The charged ring is untradeable, and reverting the ring to make it tradeable will lose any stored charges.

Strange old lockpick.png Strange old lockpick This lockpick, when placed in your inventory, will allow you to bypass all Barrows doors. It is tradeable when it has its full 50 charges. A charge is consumed when you use the lockpick to open a door which was previously un-passable to you. Once a charge has been lost, it becomes untradeable. In addition, it will increase the success rate of looting coffins in the Hallowed Sepulchre, without using any charges.
Mysterious page.png Mysterious page Obtained while looting coffins; 1 unique page is found in each floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre. These pages can be added to the strange hallowed tome, which is obtained by investigating the skeleton in the main lobby of the minigame.

Agility pet[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby via a magical obelisk, the player has a chance to receive the Agility pet, the giant squirrel. The chance of obtaining the pet depends on the difficulty of the floor completed and is as follows:[2]

Floor Agility Agility Probability
1 52 1/35,000
2 62 1/16,000
3 72 1/8,000
4 82 1/4,000
5 92 1/2,000

NPCs[edit | edit source]

There are a number of NPCs scattered throughout the Sepulchre. Some are meant to look like players either standing around or looting coffins. Some NPCs can be talked with and they will mention how the rogue outfit does not help when looting coffins or that the lockpick does help.

The NPCs that can be found at coffins are c4ssi4n, c0lect0r890, Jyn, Darkmeyer Slave, fishrunner82, mad melvin96, r2t2pnsh0Ty, and weast side49.

There are also 5 Knight spirits that can be encountered while looting coffins, after which they will appear in the lobby if the player is wearing a ring of visibility, and can be talked to while wearing a Ghostspeak amulet or equivalent. The possible encounters are the Knights of the unicorn, wolf, lion, and owl, as well as the archpriest of the unicorn.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 May 2022
  • Looting now has a chance to reward clues.
    • Floor 1 drops easy clues at a rate of 1/50.
    • Floor 2 drops medium clues at a rate of 1/50.
    • Floor 3 drops medium clues at a rate of 1/25.
    • Floor 4 drops hard clues at a rate of 1/50.
    • Floor 5 drops elite clues at a rate of 1/60.
    • The Grand Coffin drops elite clues at a rate of 1/30.
9 December 2021

All recorded times for the Hallowed Sepulchre have now been reset due to bug abuse.

17 November 2021

Players who run out of time in the Hallowed Sepulchre will no longer be sent back to the lobby prematurely when finishing a floor.

3 November 2021

The Global Best Times for Floors 1 and 4 of the Hallowed Sepulchre have been reset, as they were only accomplished via bug abuse. The bug in question has been fixed.

3 June 2021

Inventory space checks are now performed correctly for coffin loot in the Hallowed Sepulchre, so that items only overflow onto the ground if they need to.

23 September 2020
(update | poll)
16 July 2020

Players will now cast the lowest level enchantment spell they currently have runes for when the hallowed focus is equipped, since players will always succeed in conjuring portals with it equipped.

2 July 2020
  • The instance limit for all floors has been increased from 10 to 15 players.
  • The animation for fixing bridges will now show the same hammer the player is using.
  • The north path fire trap on Floor 4 will now have a slightly different pattern for its first two rotations in order to make it easier to figure out the current position in the cycle.
  • The Agility XP gained from treasure encounters on Floor 5 has been reduced from 100 to 80.
25 June 2020
  • The experience was rebalanced to offer less for not looting the coffins and offer more for looting. The Thieving experience for looting coffins was also increased.
  • The Hallowed Focus now offers a 100% success rate in conjuring portal frames and speeds up the conjuration process.
  • The strange old lockpick now also speeds up looting the coffins.
  • The XP rates for each floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre have been adjusted: Floor 1: 500 (unchanged), Floor 2: 850 (unchanged), Floor 3: 1425 (down from 1500), Floor 4: 2625 (down from 2700), Floor 5: 5850 (down from 6000)
  • Completing a treasure encounter on a floor will now award the following amounts of XP: Floor 1: 100 (unchanged), Floor 2: 100 (unchanged), Floor 3: 150 (up from 100), Floor 4: 150 (up from 100), Floor 5: 200 (up from 100)
18 June 2020
  • The hallowed grapple and hammer now offer a 100% success rate on pillars and bridges respectively. The bridges are also traversed faster.
  • Navigating through the prayer barrier whilst wearing a hallowed symbol has been sped up slightly and the Prayer experience for sacrificing vampyre dust has been increased from 60 to 200.
  • The Magic experience for conjuring portal frames has been increased from 20 to 200 and the portals attempt to put the player in range when clicked from a distance.
  • All treasure encounters will now award a small amount of Agility experience when completed. This will happen twice per encounter.
  • Stationary sword traps will no longer hit from further away than they should and the fire trap animations will now appear at the same time players take damage from them. The fire trap on the north path of floor 4 has also been reverted back to its original rotation on release, and the south path on floor 4 will now load the entire section to prevent a loading screen while avoiding bolts.
  • Players can no longer use barbarian training methods to light fires in the Hallowed Sepulchre.
  • If a ghost spawns when looting the grand coffin it will now always be the Archpriest of the Unicorn instead of the knights.
12 June 2020
  • The bolt projectile is now larger and glows, and the glow on the ground cast by the bolt is no longer bolt shaped. The tier 3 bolt projectiles now have the same hitbox as tier 1 and 2 and all bolt traps are now more forgiving when trying to move two tiles perpendicular to them.
  • Sword traps will stop appearing where they should not be and the timing of a sword trap on floor 3 is now a bit more forgiving.
  • The statue animations for the fire traps should now be in-sync and the fire traps on floors 1 and 2 will turn on and off at the same rate as the fire traps on floors 3 and 4.
  • Players can no longer make their way (e.g. by building a bridge) to a coffin when the time has run out as it could not be looted regardless. The timer will also disappear when time runs out.
  • Ghosts will now spawn after the loot is collected to not interrupt the action. They will also stop stealing the player's loot when their dialogue is interrupted.
  • Players will now receive slightly more hallowed marks on floors 1–3 and slightly fewer on floors 4 and 5 (including the Grand Coffin), and players can now loot multiple coffins on floors 3 and 4. The rarity of the strange old lockpick has been adjusted to account for the multiple chests available on each floor.
  • Players can now enter the barrier leading to the Grand Coffin while stood on either side of it and instances where players would be stuck when descending to a new floor have been resolved.
  • The price of hallowed tokens has been decreased from 15 hallowed marks to 10 and hallowed items can no longer be alchemised.
  • The amount of experience gained after completing a floor has been decreased.
  • On floor 2, some blue teleport pads have been added to the north, east and west paths, and the last fire trap on the east path now has a more reasonable respawn coordinate if players fail at the end of it.
  • On floor 3, the first sword traps on the west and east path now wait five cycles between catching and throwing the sword so that they are slightly more forgiving, and the firing rate of the bolts on the final trap has been slowed down by one tick.
  • On floor 4, a missing pad has been added to the sword trap at the end of the north path to indicate where the sword stops, the sword and fire trap combination on the south path now has two possible solutions to reduce the amount of wait time, the last two flames of the fire trap on the northern path are now active on every rotation, and the final bolt and teleport pad combination on the south path now has some blue teleport pads.
  • On floor 5, the bolt statues for the final trap have been moved forward slightly so their animations can be seen more easily, and the first bolt and teleport pad combination trap now has a few more blue teleport tiles.
5 June 2020
  • Experience gained for completing a floor is no longer scaled down depending on the time remaining.
  • All treasure encounters are now enabled.
  • Leaving the Hallowed Sepulchre using an obelisk will now restore run energy if players are wearing Saradomin items.
  • The Grand Hallowed Coffin now awards 8–12 Hallowed marks instead of 4–7 and provides two rolls on the high-tier coffin loot table.
4 June 2020
  • Fixed a bug where players could not properly enter Hallowed Sepulchre instances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to teleport to the entrance when completing floors. Personal best times have been reset due to this fix.
  • Crystal saws can now be used to build the bridge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The wolf statue, seen with a bowl of water and bones.
  • On the southern path of the second floor, where the crossbowman statues are found, a wolf statue can be found behind them. Occasionally, a bowl of water and bones will spawn next to the statue.

References[edit | edit source]

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