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Combat Achievements - hard tier icon.png

Hard Combat Achievements tasks require the player to have high combat levels, having high-level equipment available, and an intermediate knowledge of dealing with boss mechanics in order to complete. Stamina-type tasks begin to appear as well, and the first raid task appears in the hard tier.

Requirements[edit | edit source]


Tasks[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 58 hard-tier tasks for the Combat Achievements system.

Monster Name Description Category
Abyssal Sire Don't Stop Moving Kill the Abyssal Sire without taking damage from any miasma pools. Perfection
Abyssal Sire Don't Whip Me Kill the Abyssal Sire without being hit by any external tentacles. Mechanical
Abyssal Sire They Grow Up Too Fast Kill the Abyssal Sire without letting any Scion mature. Mechanical
Abyssal Sire Abyssal Adept Kill the Abyssal Sire 100 times. Kill count
Barrows Faithless Crypt Run Kill all six Barrows Brothers and loot the Barrows chest without ever having more than 0 prayer points. Restriction
Barrows Just Like That Kill Karil using only damage dealt by special attacks. Restriction
Callisto Callisto Adept Kill Callisto 50 times. Kill count
Chaos Elemental The Flincher Kill the Chaos Elemental without taking any damage from it's attacks. Perfection
Chaos Elemental Hoarder Kill the Chaos Elemental without it unequipping any of your items. Mechanical
Chaos Elemental Chaos Elemental Adept Kill the Chaos Elemental 50 times. Kill count
Chaos Fanatic Praying to the Gods Kill the Chaos Fanatic 10 times without drinking any potion which restores prayer or leaving the Wilderness. Restriction
Chaos Fanatic Chaos Fanatic Adept Kill the Chaos Fanatic 50 times. Kill count
Commander Zilyana Commander Showdown Finish off Commander Zilyana while all of her bodyguards are dead. Mechanical
Commander Zilyana Commander Zilyana Adept Kill Commander Zilyana 50 times. Kill count
Crazy archaeologist Crazy Archaeologist Adept Kill the Crazy Archaeologist 50 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime Adept Kill Dagannoth Prime 150 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex Adept Kill Dagannoth Rex 150 times. Kill count
Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme Adept Kill Dagannoth Supreme 150 times. Kill count
General Graardor General Showdown Finish off General Graardor whilst all of his bodyguards are dead. Mechanical
General Graardor Ourg Freezer Kill General Graardor whilst he is immobilized. Mechanical
General Graardor General Graardor Adept Kill General Graardor 50 times. Kill count
Giant Mole Whack-a-Mole Kill the Giant Mole within 10 seconds of her resurfacing. Mechanical
Giant Mole Why Are You Running? Kill the Giant Mole without her burrowing more than 2 times. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Static Awareness Kill the Grotesque Guardians without being hit by any lightning attacks. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Heal No More Kill the Grotesque Guardians without letting Dawn receive any healing from her orbs. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Granite Footwork Kill the Grotesque Guardians without taking damage from Dawn's rockfall attack. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Prison Break Kill the Grotesque Guardians without taking damage from Dusk's prison attack. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Don't Look at the Eclipse Kill the Grotesque Guardians without taking damage from Dusk's blinding attack. Mechanical
Grotesque Guardians Grotesque Guardians Adept Kill the Grotesque Guardians 100 times. Kill count
Hespori Weed Whacker Kill all of Hesporis flowers within 5 seconds. Mechanical
Hespori Hesporisn't Finish off Hespori with a special attack. Mechanical
Hespori Hespori Adept Kill Hespori 10 times. Kill count
K'ril Tsutsaroth Demonbane Weaponry II Finish off K'ril Tsutsaroth with a demonbane weapon. Restriction
K'ril Tsutsaroth Demonic Showdown Finish off K'ril Tsutsaroth whilst all of his bodyguards are dead. Mechanical
K'ril Tsutsaroth Yarr No More Receive kill-credit for K'ril Tsutsaroth without him using his special attack. Mechanical
K'ril Tsutsaroth K'ril Tsutsaroth Adept Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth 50 times. Kill count
Kalphite Queen Chitin Penetrator Kill the Kalphite Queen while her defence was last lowered by you. Mechanical
Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen Adept Kill the Kalphite Queen 50 times. Kill count
King Black Dragon Who Is the King Now? Kill The King Black Dragon 10 times in a privately rented instance without leaving the instance. Stamina
Kraken Krakan't Hurt Me Kill the Kraken 25 times in a privately rented instance without leaving the room. Stamina
Kraken Unnecessary Optimization Kill the Kraken after killing all four tentacles. Mechanical
Kraken Kraken Adept Kill the Kraken 100 times. Kill count
Kree'arra Airborne Showdown Finish off Kree'arra whilst all of his bodyguards are dead. Mechanical
Kree'arra Kree'arra Adept Kill Kree'arra 50 times. Kill count
The Nightmare Nightmare Champion Kill The Nightmare once. Kill count
Sarachnis Inspect Repellent Kill Sarachnis without her dealing damage to anyone. Perfection
Sarachnis Ready to Pounce Kill Sarachnis without her using her range attack twice in a row. Mechanical
Scorpia Guardians No More Kill Scorpia without killing her guardians. Restriction
Scorpia I Can't Reach That Kill Scorpia without taking any damage from her. Perfection
Scorpia Scorpia Adept Kill Scorpia 50 times. Kill count
Skotizo Skotizo Veteran Kill Skotizo 10 times. Kill count
Tempoross Why Cook? Subdue Tempoross, getting rewarded with 10 reward permits from a single Tempoross fight. Mechanical
Tempoross Dress Like You Mean It Subdue Tempoross while wearing any variation of the angler outfit. Restriction
Theatre of Blood (Entry) Theatre of Blood: SM Adept Complete the Theatre of Blood: Entry Mode 1 time. Kill count
Venenatis Venenatis Adept Kill Venenatis 50 times. Kill count
Vet'ion Vet'ion Adept Kill Vet'ion 50 times. Kill count
Wintertodt Why Fletch? Subdue the Wintertodt after earning 3000 or more points. Stamina
Zulrah Zulrah Adept Kill Zulrah 100 times. Kill count

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • An antique lamp worth 15,000 experience in any skill above 40
  • A 5% increased chance to receive a hard clue scroll from all sources (excluding implings)
  • Ghommal's hilt 3
    • Unlimited teleports to the God Wars Dungeon entrance (by the large boulder)
  • Like a boss slayer unlock will now allow players to have up to 41 boss kills (a +6 increase) when assigned a boss task
  • God Wars Dungeon benefits:
    • God Wars Dungeon boss entrances now require 38 follower kill count to enter instead of 40
    • Ecumenical key drop rate is now increased from 1/60 to 1/55
    • Access to privately rented instances for God Wars Dungeon boss rooms, costing 150,000 coins and follower kill count/ecumenical key
  • Ability to create a dragon hunter crossbow (b) by combining it with kbd heads