Hard leather

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Hard leather detail.png

Hard leather is made by taking cowhides to a tanner, costing 3 coins. The lunar spell Tan Leather can also be used at level 78 Magic, and tans up to 5 cowhides at once into hard leather.

Combined with thread and a needle, it can be used to make hardleather bodies at level 28 Crafting, granting 35 crafting experience. With a hammer and 15 bronze nails, members can attach two hard leathers onto an oak shield to create a hard leather shield. Doing so requires level 41 Crafting and grants 70 experience.

Hard leather can also be obtained as rare loot from baby implings.

Crafting table[edit | edit source]

CraftingCrafting icon.png Level Item Members Experience Hardleathers GE Price
28 Hardleather body.png Body
Free-to-play icon.png
35 1[1] 9
41 Hard leather shield.png Shield
Member icon.png
70 2[2] 102
  1. Also requires a needle and thread.
  2. Also requires a hammer, a oak shield, and 15 bronze nails.