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This article is about the music track. For other uses, see Harmony (disambiguation).

Harmony is a music track that is unlocked when the player first arrives in Lumbridge. It can also be heard around the Lumbridge Swamp and farmlands. In this area, the music player will also shuffle between playing Autumn Voyage, Book of Spells, Dream, Flute Salad, and Yesteryear. It can also be heard in the dining room during Recipe for Disaster.

Prior to an update on 28 April 2021, the track played at Lumbridge Castle.

Location before 2021

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The piece is written in the key of A Minor.

It starts off with a slow, somber harpsichord and kalimba intro. It has a recurring melody; more instruments add to the line, counter-melody and harmony as it goes on, but the dynamics remain soft. After two playthroughs of the melodic line, it goes off to the tangent of outlining the chords of its harmony as the melodic phrasing from a breath flute. The piece returns to the original melodic line, this time with phrases being accompanied by an increase in melodic embellishment.

The arpeggiated melody is repeated again before a short trumpet solo. The piece begins its original melodic lines with heavy brass and less of all other sections. The flutes have a short soli before the piece is mostly silent except for chimes, cello, and timpani. This section is relatively empty and the key has switched to the secondary dominant, e minor. The cello and chimes play a steady, sustained E; the timpani has slightly more melodic interest with its part — it is reminiscent of the trumpets' soli.

After the empty section, the key switches back to its original tonic as a breathy flute plays the melody. The trumpets have one final soli before the track ends.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the release of Harmony 2 in April 2004, this track also played in Lumbridge Castle basement.