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This article is about the cleaned herb. For the grimy herb, see Grimy harralander.
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Harralander is a herb that can be cleaned at level 20 Herblore. It can be obtained as a monster drop or through the Farming skill, with a level of 26, by planting a harralander seed in a herb patch. It is used to make Guthix rest potions, restore potions, Greenman's ale, energy potions, combat potions, compost potions and harralander tar. To create a potion, you need to add the cleaned herb to a vial of water to create a harralander potion (unf), and then add the secondary ingredient.

According to the book Gielinor's flora - herbs, harralander naturally grows on rocky crevices, and upon reaching maturity, its root system often causes large cracks to form in the rock.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Guthix rest.png: Inventory image of Guthix restGuthix rest HerbloreHerblore icon.png
Marrentill.png: Inventory image of MarrentillMarrentill 59 Reduces damage taken by poison by 1 hitpoint per dose, heals 5 hitpoints per dose, restores 5% run energy and boosts the maximum life points by 5 at full health.
Compost potion.png: Inventory image of Compost potionCompost potion HerbloreHerblore icon.png
Volcanic ash.png: Inventory image of Volcanic ashVolcanic ash 60 Use on Compost to make Super compost.
Blamish oil.png: Inventory image of Blamish oilBlamish oil HerbloreHerblore icon.png
Blamish snail slime.png: Inventory image of Blamish snail slimeBlamish snail slime 80 Used to make an Oily fishing rod
Restore potion.png: Inventory image of Restore potionRestore potion

HerbloreHerblore icon.png

Red spiders' eggs.png: Inventory image of Red spiders' eggsRed spiders' eggs 62.5 Restores 30% +10 points of Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged.
Also used to make Guthix balance.
Greenman's ale.png: Inventory image of Greenman's aleGreenman's ale*

CookingCooking icon.png

None 281 (Cooking xp) Heals 1 hitpoint, as well as raises Herblore by 1 point temporarily while decreasing Attack, Strength and Defence.
Energy potion.png: Inventory image of Energy potionEnergy potion

HerbloreHerblore icon.png

Chocolate dust.png: Inventory image of Chocolate dustChocolate dust 67.5 Each dose restores 10 run energy.
Combat potion.png: Inventory image of Combat potionCombat potion

HerbloreHerblore icon.png

Goat horn dust.png: Inventory image of Goat horn dustGoat horn dust 84 Temporarily raises Attack and Strength by 10% +3 levels.
Harralander tar.png: Inventory image of Harralander tarHarralander tar

HerbloreHerblore icon.png

15 x Swamp tar.png: Inventory image of Swamp tarSwamp tar 72.5 Used as ammunition for black salamanders.
Used as bait to lure black salamanders.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Barbarian Assault/RewardsN/A Casket.png15–251/32
Sorceress's Garden/AutumnN/A Casket.png112/99
Sorceress's Garden/SpringN/A Casket.png112/75
Sorceress's Garden/SummerN/A Casket.png112/111
Sorceress's Garden/WinterN/A Casket.png111/54