Headless Beast

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Items kept on death.png
This is a dangerous activity in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. All items left on the ground will be lost. Hardcore Ironmen will lose their status, and any items stored in any Item Retrieval Service will be deleted.

The Headless Beast is a headless undead bear encountered during the Getting Ahead quest, it was resurrected by the inexperienced necromancer Neilan Redmark. The Headless Beast attacks mainly with melee. It has a special attack where it slams the ground, causing a rock to fall from the ceiling onto the player's current location, dealing 12-16 damage. This can easily be avoided simply by moving one tile away in any direction.

The Headless Beast can be easily defeated by using the small body of water as a safespot and simply kill it with range/mage

After slain, cowhides no longer appear in the Headless Beast's cave.

It can be fought in the Nightmare Zone after the quest is complete.

A player fights the Headless Beast from a safespot.

Drops[edit | edit source]

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Big bones.png: Headless Beast drops Big bones with rarity Always in quantity 1Big bones1Always1160

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Long bone.png: Headless Beast drops Long bone with rarity 1/400 in quantity 1Long bone11/400Not sold3
Curved bone.png: Headless Beast drops Curved bone with rarity 1/5,012.5 in quantity 1Curved bone11/5,012.5Not sold4