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A hellcat is a special variant of a normal cat that can be accessed after starting the Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster. During the quest, players must visit Evil Dave in his mother's basement. There they must use their cat to kill Hell-Rats, which have stolen his mother's special coloured spices which are needed to make the spicy stew to free him. After your cat catches seven rats, it will become corrupt by the demonic nature of the rats and will suddenly transform into a hellcat. Also, killing the Hell-Rat Behemoth results in turning your cat into a hellcat immediately. Note that any existing hellcats may need to be placed in a menagerie, or transformed back in to an ordinary cat, in order for subsequent cats to be transformed. A hellcat can be turned back into a normal cat of the same colour it was before the conversion at any time by feeding it a bucket of milk.

A cat at any stage of growth can be a hellcat, and a cat that has become a hellcat will continue to age as normal. While it is impossible to convert an overgrown cat into an overgrown hellcat, since overgrown cats cannot catch rats, players can get an overgrown hellcat by allowing a hell-kitten or adult hellcat to age into an overgrown hellcat. Players who have completed Ratcatchers can also get wily and lazy hellcats, either by using their wily or lazy cats to catch Hell-Rats, or by taking an overgrown/lazy hellcat to Felkrash and having her train it.

Training your Overgrown/Lazy Hellcat into a Wily Hellcat[edit | edit source]

An overgrown/lazy cat can be transformed into a Wily cat (both normal and Hellcat versions). Players are only allowed to have one wily or lazy cat out or in bank at a time, in addition to one kitten or adult cat, and as many overgrown cats as they wish. You can however have multiple lazy/wily cats by storing them in your menagerie before training another. If, whilst attempting to train your overgrown/lazy normal/hellcat into a Wily cat, the cat does does not seem to transform (it should take about 25 Hell-Rats), players can pick up their cat and re-drop it to reset the 'training timer', otherwise you could be training your cat for what seems an indefinite time (even hundreds of rats and 1.5hrs+ have been observed without success).

After some time, usually under an hour, a Wily cat will revert to a Lazy/Overgrown cat. It can then be re-trained into a Wily cat.