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Location on World Map
McGrubor's Wood
Fishing Guild Hemenster Ranging Guild
East Ardougne

Hemenster is a small, quiet fishing town in Kandarin, located on the road that connects Seers' Village and East Ardougne. There is a small human population, as well as the Sinister Stranger, a Vampyre. Several chickens roam free, though few players kill them due to the town's out-of-the-way nature.

Hemenster boasts two guilds: the Fishing Guild, and the Ranging Guild, and is prominently featured in the Fishing Contest quest. Hemenster is often passed through by adventurers on their way to Ardougne and the rest of Kandarin.

A thievable chest is located in the building immediately north of the anvils. It requires 47 Thieving and a lockpick, granting 150 Thieving experience. Successfully stealing from this chest is a task for the Medium Kandarin Diary.