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Hespori icon.png

The Hespori is a demi-boss. In order to fight it, players must first plant a Hespori seed in the Hespori patch within the west wing of the Farming Guild, which requires level 65 Farming to access. It takes 24-32 hours to grow.

According to Arno, the Hespori is a rare carnivorous plant originating from Morytania, becoming conscious and highly aggressive once fully grown. The Hespori's appearance is also extremely similar to that of The Maiden of Sugadinti and it has been confirmed that there is a possible link between the two[1].

Killing the Hespori boss grants 12,600 (12,905 with full Farmer's outfit) Farming experience and seeds, including the White lily seed, Celastrus seed, and Anima seeds. It will roll 2 rolls: normal seeds and untradeable uniques. It can also drop the bottomless compost bucket, which can hold up to 10,000 compost of any kind. In addition, it has a chance to give the Tangleroot pet.

The fight with the Hespori is instanced; if the player dies during the fight, lost items will be kept by Arno. Note that if players die a second time anywhere without reclaiming the items they are holding for the player, they will be permanently lost, unless the death occurs within a safe minigame, such as the Nightmare Zone.

Fight overview[edit | edit source]

A player battles the Hespori.
A defeated Hespori.

There are 4 flowers (buds) surrounding the patch. They have 10 hitpoints each and you must subdue all of them before you can damage the Hespori. The flowers will open up three times during the fight: once upon starting, again after the Hespori reaches below 66% of its health, and a final time after it reaches below 33% of its health. The Hespori will sometimes bind you with roots similar to the entangle spell, rendering you unable to move or attack; you will get a notification in your message box when this happens.

When you are rooted, click repeatedly on the floor, preferably the square next to you or on the Hespori, to try and struggle free until you can move and attack again. If you don't free yourself in time, you may be hit for over 40 damage. The Hespori can also poison you, so bringing an antipoison or antidote++ is recommended.

The magic attack's animation includes more particles and looks like the Hespori is twirling around, while the ranged attack has the Hespori throwing green clouds at the player. Protection prayers will not completely negate the damage, but will greatly reduce it.

Once the Hespori is defeated, players must clear the patch with a spade in order to obtain their loot.

Setup[edit | edit source]

A melee setup consists of Proselyte, rune armour or better and a good slash weapon, such as a dragon scimitar or abyssal whip, at high melee stats (70+ recommended). Protect from Magic should be activated, and Piety helps speed up the kill. Several pieces of foodmonkfish or better—will suffice along with an antipoison, (Super) combat potion/super set, and a prayer potion.

It is recommended to bring a range weapon, in order to kill the buds protecting the Hespori.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Attas seed 5.png Attas seed 1–2 Common Not sold
Iasor seed 5.png Iasor seed 1–2 Common Not sold
Kronos seed 5.png Kronos seed 1–2 Common Not sold
Pineapple seed 5.png Pineapple seed 5 Uncommon 13,535
Whiteberry seed 5.png Whiteberry seed 14 Uncommon 616
Mahogany seed 5.png Mahogany seed 1–3 Uncommon 6,769–20,307
Wildblood seed 5.png Wildblood seed 16–19 Uncommon 2,336–2,774
Limpwurt seed 5.png Limpwurt seed 7–12 Uncommon 826–1,416
White lily seed 5.png White lily seed 8–18 Uncommon 194,352–437,292
Poison ivy seed 5.png Poison ivy seed 11–14 Uncommon 3,003–3,822
Cactus seed 5.png Cactus seed 4–13 Uncommon 912–2,964
Snape grass seed 5.png Snape grass seed 10–16 Uncommon 33,090–52,944
Potato cactus seed 5.png Potato cactus seed 6–20 Uncommon 12,858–42,860
Watermelon seed 5.png Watermelon seed 14–20 Uncommon 3,752–5,360
Irit seed 5.png Irit seed 1–8 Uncommon 73–584
Ranarr seed 5.png Ranarr seed 1–2 Uncommon 52,031–104,062
Snapdragon seed 5.png Snapdragon seed 1 Uncommon 59,078
Avantoe seed 5.png Avantoe seed 3–5 Uncommon 4,260–7,100
Kwuarm seed 5.png Kwuarm seed 3–5 Uncommon 2,919–4,865
Toadflax seed 5.png Toadflax seed 2–5 Uncommon 2,028–5,070
Cadantine seed 5.png Cadantine seed 2–5 Uncommon 2,856–7,140
Lantadyme seed 5.png Lantadyme seed 2–5 Uncommon 3,382–8,455
Dwarf weed seed 5.png Dwarf weed seed 4 Uncommon 6,880
Torstol seed 5.png Torstol seed 1–4 Uncommon 73,379–293,516
Teak seed 5.png Teak seed 2–5 Uncommon 564–1,410
Willow seed 5.png Willow seed 1–5 Uncommon 5,172–25,860
Yew seed 5.png Yew seed 1 Uncommon 103,240
Papaya tree seed 5.png Papaya tree seed 1–3 Uncommon 9,659–28,977
Palm tree seed 5.png Palm tree seed 1–3 Uncommon 51,199–153,597
Maple seed 5.png Maple seed 1–4 Uncommon 41,704–166,816
Magic seed 5.png Magic seed 1 Rare 186,369
Spirit seed 5.png Spirit seed 1 Rare Not sold
Bottomless compost bucket.png Bottomless compost bucket 1 Rare 1,599,485
Dragonfruit tree seed 5.png Dragonfruit tree seed 1 Rare 73,305
Redwood tree seed 5.png Redwood tree seed 1 Unknown 81,449
Tangleroot.png Tangleroot 1 Very rare Not sold

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 13 January 2019. Mod Ash: "[The Hespori bears a striking resemblance to the Maiden from TOB. It's also a plant from Morytania. Is there a possible link between the two?] Yes :)"