Hespori (A Night at the Theatre)

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This article is about the boss in A Night at the Theatre. For the Hespori that can be grown and fought in the farming guild, see Hespori.

The Hespori is a boss from the quest A Night at the Theatre. It is a harder version of the hespori that can be fought in the Farming guild, and is a hespori in its natural habitat of Morytania.

It is found on a small island on the southeastern part of the Mort Myre swamp, just outside Darkmeyer's western wall. The player can hop onto the island via a stepping stone in the western branch of the river that surrounds it. Prior to and after the quest, it appears as a strange plant.

This hespori has the same mechanics as the one that is fought in the Farming Guild. It can poison the player, entangle them until they click away six times, and becomes immune to damage while any of its flowers are open. See the strategy section for more details.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 July 2021

The hespori can no longer be damaged while its flowers are open.