Hickton's Archery Emporium.

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Hickton's Archery Emporium. is located in central Catherby. Players with 99 Fletching may visit the store to buy the Fletching Cape of Accomplishment for 99,000 coins. Unlike most archery stores, Hickton's Archery Emporium stocks arrowtips for players who wish to create their own arrows using the Fletching skill.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Bronze bolts 5.pngBronze bolts200Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 2.png 2
Bronze arrow 5.pngBronze arrow1000Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 4.png 4
Iron arrow 5.pngIron arrow800Coins 3.png 3Coins 1.png 1Coins 5.png 5
Steel arrow 5.pngSteel arrow0Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 6Coins 25.png 32
Mithril arrow 5.pngMithril arrow0Coins 25.png 32Coins 5.png 16Coins 5.png 24
Adamant arrow 5.pngAdamant arrow0Coins 25.png 80Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 70
Rune arrow 5.pngRune arrow0Coins 250.png 400Coins 100.png 200Coins 25.png 82
Bronze brutal 5.pngBronze brutal0Coins 5.png 5Coins 2.png 2Coins 100.png 143
Iron brutal 5.pngIron brutal0Coins 5.png 10Coins 5.png 5Coins 100.png 102
Steel brutal 5.pngSteel brutal0Coins 5.png 20Coins 5.png 10Coins 100.png 110
Black brutal 5.pngBlack brutal0Coins 25.png 35Coins 5.png 17Coins 100.png 230
Mithril brutal 5.pngMithril brutal0Coins 25.png 50Coins 25.png 25Coins 100.png 157
Adamant brutal 5.pngAdamant brutal0Coins 25.png 95Coins 25.png 47Coins 100.png 211
Rune brutal 5.pngRune brutal0Coins 250.png 450Coins 100.png 225Coins 250.png 960
Bronze arrowtips.pngBronze arrowtips1000Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 5.png 6
Iron arrowtips.pngIron arrowtips800Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 1Coins 5.png 7
Steel arrowtips.pngSteel arrowtips600Coins 5.png 6Coins 3.png 3Coins 25.png 29
Mithril arrowtips.pngMithril arrowtips400Coins 5.png 16Coins 5.png 8Coins 25.png 37
Adamant arrowtips.pngAdamant arrowtips200Coins 25.png 40Coins 5.png 20Coins 100.png 105
Rune arrowtips.pngRune arrowtips100Coins 100.png 200Coins 100.png 100Coins 100.png 240
Shortbow.pngShortbow4Coins 25.png 50Coins 25.png 25Coins 25.png 45
Longbow.pngLongbow2Coins 25.png 80Coins 25.png 40Coins 25.png 53
Crossbow.pngCrossbow2Coins 25.png 70Coins 25.png 35Coins 100.png 110
Oak shortbow.pngOak shortbow4Coins 100.png 100Coins 25.png 50Coins 25.png 36
Oak longbow.pngOak longbow4Coins 100.png 160Coins 25.png 80Coins 25.png 53
Comp ogre bow.pngComp ogre bow0Coins 100.png 180Coins 25.png 90Coins 1000.png 1,083
Studded body.pngStudded body2Coins 250.png 850Coins 250.png 425Coins 250.png 380
Studded chaps.pngStudded chaps2Coins 250.png 750Coins 250.png 375Coins 250.png 286
Fletching cape.pngFletching cape1Coins 10000.png 99,000N/ANot sold

Other archery shops[edit | edit source]