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Calculators determine experience and costs based on real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch.

High Level Alchemy (also known as high alch, hi alch, HA or alching) is a non-combat spell used to convert items into coins at the best price a player could get from a specialty store. The amount of coins generated is normally 60% of the specialty shop price or 150% Low Level Alchemy prices.

High Level Alchemy is a popular way for mid and high level players to train Magic, by buying or making valuable items and nature runes, then casting the spell on the items. A dangerous place to high alch from is the Fountain of Rune, as it requires no runes to do so, resulting in greater profits, however also no XP is granted. This, like most activities in the wilderness, is done at your own risk.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
5Fire rune.png1Nature rune.png224
Combo runes
1Nature rune.png5Lava rune.png224
1Nature rune.png5Smoke rune.png604
1Nature rune.png5Steam rune.png544
1Nature rune.pngStaff of fire.pngAlt199
5Fire rune.png0.93Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.png210
Main and off-hands
1Nature rune.pngTome of fire.png199
0.93Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.pngTome of fire.png186

Usage[edit | edit source]

High (and Low) Alchemy can be cast on noted items, saving much withdrawal time from the bank, and simplifying the "click pattern", i.e. the player can place the stack of notes in the same position in their inventory that the alchemy spell is in the spellbook so that they do not have to move their mouse much to repeatedly cast the spell. Casting alchemy spells on stackable items will only alchemise one at a time. It is possible to alch around 1,200 items per hour (one item every three seconds) for a total of 78,000 Magic experience.

If the player attempts to cast an alchemy spell on a valuable item, the player will receive a warning message and be asked if they are sure they want to alchemise the item. The default threshold for this are items worth 30,000 coins or more, which can be adjusted by right-clicking the alchemy icon in your spellbook.

It should be noted that the valuable item warning depends upon the item's Grand Exchange value, not its High Alchemy value, even if the alchemy value is higher. This is useful to avoid accidentally alchemising very expensive items with a relatively low high alchemy value, such as Ranger boots, which have a Grand Exchange value of 38,415,531 coins compared to their High Alchemy value of 120 coins. As long as the warning threshold value is set below its Grand Exchange value, accidental alching of the item should not happen if the player is paying attention.

High Alchemy profit/loss on some items[edit | edit source]

Generally, using High Alchemy will not produce as much GP per hour as other, much better methods. When training Magic, however, earning a little profit while doing so definitely helps in the long run. Here is a list of commonly crafted items players may wish to alchemise and their calculated possible profit/loss. Prices assume a Staff of fire.

Item + High Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Item Item Cost (GE) Nature Rune Cost High Alch Return Profit/Loss
Rune med helm.pngRune med helm 11,091 199 11,520 230
Rune scimitar.pngRune scimitar 15,048 199 15,360 113
Rune longsword.pngRune longsword 18,669 199 19,200 332
Rune full helm.pngRune full helm 20,596 199 21,120 325
Rune battleaxe.pngRune battleaxe 24,522 199 24,960 239
Rune chainbody.pngRune chainbody 29,522 199 30,000 279
Rune kiteshield.pngRune kiteshield 32,047 199 32,640 394
Rune platelegs.pngRune platelegs 37,814 199 38,400 387
Rune 2h sword.pngRune 2h sword 37,766 199 38,400 435
Rune plateskirt.pngRune plateskirt 37,783 199 38,400 418
Rune platebody.pngRune platebody 38,484 199 39,000 317

Crafting/Smithing + High Alchemy[edit | edit source]

This is typically NOT the best way to profit from High Alchemy unless you create the items yourself. As such, this is primarily done by players who wish to train Magic along with other skills such as Crafting or Smithing through buying materials directly from the Grand Exchange . The table below includes the price of the mold for items which require one to craft, however the mold is not consumed in the crafting process. As a result, crafting a large amount of items could result in vastly more profits than shown in the table below and even make certain items such as Gold Amulets profitable to craft for High Alchemy.

(* If using silver ore instead of silver bars add 38 to the Profit / Loss)

Item Materials Needed Materials Cost (GE) High Alch Return Profit/Loss
Iron platebody.pngIron platebody Iron bar.png x5 819 336 -483
Steel platebody.pngSteel platebody Steel bar.png x5 2,164 1,200 -964
Mithril platebody.pngMithril platebody Mithril bar.png x5 3,339 3,120 -219
Adamant platebody.pngAdamant platebody Adamantite bar.png x5 9,694 9,984 290
Rune platebody.pngRune platebody Runite bar.png x5 62,234 39,000 -23,234
Gold ring.pngGold ring Gold bar.png Ring mould.png 250 210 -40
Gold necklace.pngGold necklace Gold bar.png Necklace mould.png 250 270 20
Gold bracelet.pngGold bracelet Gold bar.png Bracelet mould.png 250 330 80
Gold amulet (u).pngGold amulet (u) Gold bar.png Amulet mould.png 250 210 -40
Gold amulet.pngGold amulet Gold amulet (u).png Ball of wool.png 305 210 -95
Opal ring.pngOpal ring * Silver bar.png Opal.png Ring mould.png 551 630 79
Opal necklace.pngOpal necklace * Silver bar.png Opal.png Necklace mould.png 551 630 79
Opal bracelet.pngOpal bracelet * Silver bar.png Opal.png Bracelet mould.png 551 690 139
Jade ring.pngJade ring * Silver bar.png Jade.png Ring mould.png 519 765 246
Jade necklace.pngJade necklace * Silver bar.png Jade.png Necklace mould.png 519 765 246
Jade bracelet.pngJade bracelet * Silver bar.png Jade.png Bracelet mould.png 519 780 261
Emerald necklace.pngEmerald necklace Gold bar.png Emerald.png Necklace mould.png 744 855 111
Emerald bracelet.pngEmerald bracelet Gold bar.png Emerald.png Bracelet mould.png 744 915 171
Ruby necklace.pngRuby necklace Gold bar.png Ruby.png Necklace mould.png 1,202 1,305 103
Ruby bracelet.pngRuby bracelet Gold bar.png Ruby.png Bracelet mould.png 1,202 1,395 193
Diamond necklace.pngDiamond necklace Gold bar.pngDiamond.pngNecklace mould.png 2,060 2,205 145
Diamond amulet (u).pngDiamond amulet (u) Gold bar.pngDiamond.pngAmulet mould.png 2,060 2,115 55

Special cases[edit | edit source]

Some specialty shops may offer a higher price for certain items than the amount High Level Alchemy gives. For example, High Level Alchemy converts a gold necklace into 270 coins, but Grum's Gold Exchange in Port Sarim offers 315 if there are no gold necklace in the shop's stock. The price decreases 9 coins for each additional necklace in the shop inventory until it reaches a low limit of 45 coins when there are 30 or more necklaces. Some players sell up to about 11 items and then world switch to find another shop which has a low inventory.

There are also some general stores which buy at higher prices:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 April 2015
(update | poll)
Warnings when trying to use high alchemy on valuable items will now appear based on the Grand Exchange value of items rather than the alchemy value.
5 March 2015
(update | poll)
You can now cast high level alchemy 30 times per day (no rune cost, no experience) with the Explorer's ring 4.
11 April 2013
For the benefit of players with certain medical conditions, flashing effects have been toned down in the Killerwatts' realm and for alchemy animations.
11 April 2013
(update | poll)
If you cast a second alchemy spell before your last one finishes, it's now queued up.