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Hofuthand is a member of the Grand Exchange and the only dwarf involved in the business. He gives players the current average market value of some weapons and armour in the Grand Exchange. He does not, however, give the values of lower level items such as mithril and iron equipment.

Hofuthand's business requires a good deal of thinking, so he always seems to be deep in thought. Because of this, he doesn't say much about himself; although, based on his clothing, he is almost certainly from the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim. It seems he was sent by the Consortium to establish trade with the humans in Varrock. The exact reason for this is unknown, but based on the dwarves' recent involvement with the Dorgeshuun, it seems that the dwarves seek to establish ties with more of the world's races.

Market guide prices[edit | edit source]

Item Price Item Price
Adamant set (lg).pngAdamant set (lg) 18,721 Adamant set (sk).pngAdamant set (sk) 19,081
Rune armour set (lg).pngRune armour set (lg) 130,218 Rune armour set (sk).pngRune armour set (sk) 130,186
Dragon armour set (lg).pngDragon armour set (lg) 94,698,712 Dragon armour set (sk).pngDragon armour set (sk) 74,151,575
Dragon med helm.pngDragon med helm 58,750 Dragon full helm.pngDragon full helm 55,183,797
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbody 254,565 Dragon platebody.pngDragon platebody 2,419,757
Dragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs 161,285 Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon plateskirt 161,263
Dragon boots.pngDragon boots 245,026 Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h sword 131,621
Dragon sq shield.pngDragon sq shield 301,999 Dragon kiteshield.pngDragon kiteshield 42,973,131
Green dragonhide set.pngGreen dragonhide set 7,976 Black dragonhide set.pngBlack dragonhide set 14,441
Ahrim's armour set.pngAhrim's armour set 2,775,432 Dharok's armour set.pngDharok's armour set 2,598,368
Guthan's armour set.pngGuthan's armour set 1,866,196 Karil's armour set.pngKaril's armour set 2,068,783
Torag's armour set.pngTorag's armour set 587,272 Verac's armour set.pngVerac's armour set 757,705
Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whip 2,867,103 Kraken tentacle.pngKraken tentacle 474,326
Dark bow.pngDark bow 378,028 Dragon scimitar.pngDragon scimitar 59,734
Dragon axe.pngDragon axe 38,248 Dragon pickaxe.pngDragon pickaxe 4,135,995
Dragon warhammer.pngDragon warhammer 42,341,513 Dragon sword.pngDragon sword 46,803
Dragon claws.pngDragon claws 58,407,297 Granite maul.pngGranite maul 102,763
Trident of the seas.pngUncharged trident 46,899 Uncharged trident (e).pngUncharged trident (e) 4,527,876
Uncharged toxic trident.pngUncharged toxic trident 3,046,270 Uncharged toxic trident (e).pngUncharged toxic trident (e) 7,754,884
Odium ward.pngOdium ward 1,777,715 Malediction ward.pngMalediction ward 1,915,087
Armadyl crossbow.pngArmadyl crossbow 26,221,544 Saradomin sword.pngSaradomin sword 373,035
Armadyl godsword.pngArmadyl godsword 7,901,404 Bandos godsword.pngBandos godsword 9,724,611
Saradomin godsword.pngSaradomin godsword 41,882,361 Zamorak godsword.pngZamorak godsword 3,580,168
Armadyl helmet.pngArmadyl helmet 4,865,465 Bandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplate 18,761,534
Armadyl chestplate.pngArmadyl chestplate 35,936,157 Bandos tassets.pngBandos tassets 27,370,269
Armadyl chainskirt.pngArmadyl chainskirt 32,595,969 Bandos boots.pngBandos boots 181,441
Eternal boots.pngEternal boots 3,254,610 Pegasian boots.pngPegasian boots 37,256,761
Primordial boots.pngPrimordial boots 30,839,982 Dragonfire shield.pngDragonfire shield 3,961,165
Dragonfire ward.pngDragonfire ward 15,150,187 Elysian spirit shield.pngElysian spirit shield 976,030,655
Spectral spirit shield.pngSpectral spirit shield 65,637,888 Arcane spirit shield.pngArcane spirit shield 152,327,051
Toxic blowpipe (empty).pngToxic blowpipe 3,051,394 Serpentine helm (uncharged).pngSerpentine helm (uncharged) 3,029,479
Staff of the dead.pngStaff of the dead 4,908,796 Toxic staff (uncharged).pngToxic staff (uncharged) 7,945,681
Dwarf cannon set.pngDwarf cannon set 753,507 Abyssal dagger.pngAbyssal dagger 4,183,980
Abyssal bludgeon.pngAbyssal bludgeon 36,711,581 Tome of fire (empty).pngTome of fire (empty) 818,171
Imbued heart.pngImbued heart 30,087,490 Twisted bow.pngTwisted bow 1,089,493,418
Twisted buckler.pngTwisted buckler 4,994,779 Elder maul.pngElder maul 10,140,444
Kodai wand.pngKodai wand 81,999,525 Dragon hunter crossbow.pngDragon hunter crossbow 88,853,443
Dinh's bulwark.pngDinh's bulwark 4,727,395 Ancestral hat.pngAncestral hat 11,195,924
Ancestral robe top.pngAncestral robe top 64,551,520 Ancestral robe bottom.pngAncestral robe bottom 70,855,485
Justiciar armour set.pngJusticiar armour set 48,531,422 Sanguinesti staff (uncharged).pngSanguinesti staff 109,716,446
Ghrazi rapier.pngGhrazi rapier 152,283,731 Scythe of vitur (uncharged).pngScythe of vitur (uncharged) 728,815,460
Inquisitor's armour set.pngInquisitor's armour set 719,602,809 Inquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's mace 715,648,044
Nightmare staff.pngNightmare staff 20,183,015

Dialogue[edit | edit source]