Hole (Underwater)

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Hole (Underwater).png
Released7 September 2017 (Update)
QuestBone Voyage
LocationUnderwater area of Fossil Island
ExamineI wonder where it goes?
Advanced data
Object ID30966

A hole is part of a transportation mechanic in the Underwater Agility and Thieving training activity, which is located in the Underwater area of Fossil Island. There is a total of ten holes. Players can enter a hole, which will bring the player to one of the other holes in the area.

Entering a hole will reward the player with 4.5 Agility experience.

Agility info[edit | edit source]

Level required? (edit)
Agility XP4.5 xp
Agility courseUnderwater Agility and Thieving

Linking holes[edit | edit source]

The destination each hole links to is fixed. See the image below for an overview of linked holes.

A map of the underwater area, with holes having matching colours to help navigate.