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Horned Graahks are Hunter creatures found north of Cairn Isle, near Shilo Village. They have a combat level of 50, but cannot be attacked. Instead, they can be hunted at level 41 Hunter using a teasing stick, and pitfall trapping with logs and a knife.

Horned graahks can hit up to 7 damage. Protect from Melee does work. A player can alternatively wear high-level Melee armour, as it will reduce the overall damage taken. Although this may cause run energy to drain quicker, it will save inventory space for more furs instead of food. Additionally, players with low health can go north to the pond and fish for shrimps for healing.

After a successful catch, players will receive a tatty graahk fur or perfect graahk fur, and big bones. The chance of receiving a perfect fur scales with the player's Hunter level.

Graahk furs can be taken to the Fancy-dress shop owner in south-western Varrock to be made into Graahk hunter gear: perfect fur is needed for Graahk headdresses while tatty furs are used to make Graahk tops and Graahk legs.

Ways to get there[edit | edit source]

  • Using a Tai bwo wannai teleport scroll, then running to the hunter spot. If the Shilo Village quest has not been completed, the bank there cannot be used and so players must bank elsewhere.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to jump across a trap while a graahk is crossing over the same trap.
  • There is a glitch that makes graahks spawn with the spikes from the pit underneath them. They can walk around normally, but the spikes stay. This can also happen if a player jumps back over a spiked pit after jumping over it once (to lure the prey) right as the graahk is about to fall in. The beast will appear on the other side and walk over the pit without either falling in or jumping and will have spikes around it.
  • Above level 85 hunter the catchrate is 100%, meaning they do not jump over the trap anymore.