Horror from the Deep

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Horror from the Deep is an experienced quest revolving around the mysterious disappearance of Jossik, keeper of the Lighthouse near the Fremennik Province. As the title suggests, the investigations lead to the discovery of very dangerous creatures living beneath the lighthouse.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Items required: 60 steel nails, a hammer, 2 planks, swamp tar, a tinderbox, molten glass, 1 of each elemental rune, 1 arrow, 1 sword, 1 free inventory space.

Start by speaking to Larrissa outside of the lighthouse, north of Barbarian Outpost. A fairy ring is located right next to the lighthouse (fairy ring code ALP).

Fixing the lighthouse[edit | edit source]

The lit lighting mechanism
  1. After speaking to Larrissa, teleport to the Barbarian Outpost using a Games necklace or the Minigame Group Finder. Alternatively, go down south of her jumping across the basalt platforms and into the Barbarian Outpost.
  • Note: If planning on using the basalt rocks, bring food as it has a high failure rate with low level agility.
  • Note to 10 HP accounts: The basalt path can hit for 10, regardless of your HP level.
  1. Talk to Gunnjorn in the Barbarian Outpost Agility area (past the pipe) and get the lighthouse key. You can get your two planks here, which respawn on the north-east end of the Barbarian Outpost along the fence.
  2. Use both planks on the broken bridge some distance to the east of Larrissa (you will cross another bridge to get there). For each side of the broken bridge (east and west) you will need to use a plank (not oak planks) and 30 steel nails with a hammer in your inventory. Note that you can cross the bridge before completely fixing it. Also, the bridge will not look any different after fixing it. This is normal. Check your quest log to make sure it says that you've fixed the bridge.
  3. Go and talk to Larrissa again.
  4. Go up to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. You may wish to search the bookcase and take all the books; flip through the lighthouse manual and the ancient diary, for additional, albeit acronym-filled guidance.
  5. Go up one more floor, and use the following items in either order on the lighting mechanism: molten glass, swamp tar. Light with tinderbox.

The door[edit | edit source]

The strange door.

Go down the iron ladder into the basement to find the door.

  1. Use all of your basic elemental runes on the door (fire, water, earth, and air). If you have many runes of a type the door will only use one rune, not the entire stack.
  2. Use your sword (any type, but you will not get it back), and your arrow (any type except ogre, but you will not get it back). Bolts will not work.
  3. If you need to bank, use your Games necklace/Minigame Group Finder to go back to Barbarian Assault, or use the fairy ring back to Zanaris to bank.
  4. Get good armour (Rune), or Magic armour (Mystic); bring many mind, chaos, death, or blood runes and enough runes to cast several of each elemental spell (wind, water, earth, and fire); get a good weapon for Melee, and some Ranged equipment.

The fight[edit | edit source]

  1. Go through the eastern part of the door and down the ladder.
  2. Talk to Jossik, be prepared to fight a Dagannoth. Note: These battles are not safe; if you die, your items will be lost as normal.
  3. The first one is easy if you have Protect from Melee. If you don't have Protect from Melee and your Combat level is relatively low, it might be wise to safespot behind the rocks in the room. It can be killed by all forms of combat.
  4. Then, right after you defeat it, there will be a cut-scene, and you will fight a harder Dagannoth mother.
  5. You have to attack the Dagannoth mother by colour if you want to deal any damage.
A safespot for fighting the Dagannoth mother. Protect from Ranged should be active at all times during the fight.
Image Colour Weakness Attack Using
Dagannoth mother white.png White Air spells Wind Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, or Surge.
Dagannoth mother blue.png Blue Water spells Water Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, or Surge.
Dagannoth mother orange.png Orange Melee Melee attacks.
Dagannoth mother brown.png Brown Earth spells Earth Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, or Surge.
Dagannoth mother red.png Red Fire spells Fire Strike, Bolt, Blast, Wave, or Surge.
Dagannoth mother green.png Green Ranged Ranged attacks.

You will have to fight all forms.

If you cannot see the colour changes very well, look at the chat box. Using the wrong attack does no damage to it. Also, you can safespot her by using the stalagmites in the room. If you do it right, you can get the mother stuck behind a stalagmite where you can stand behind and not lose any health points.

The best way to defeat her is to ignore the ranged and melee forms, since she has too high Defence against those attack types for them to be worthwhile. Use an air staff and switch spell types in the correct order.

The Mother can be safespotted by melee, and if you have a good enough weapon (e.g. dragon weapons), you can completely avoid all Ranged and Magic; you don't need food or decent armour, and you can wait until the orange stage repeatedly.

Protect from Missiles can be flicked as you safespot her, which will cause her to do no attacks at all. Bolt and Blast spells will tear through her, requiring no food at all.

She can detect Prayer, and will automatically use the opposite attack type when you use prayer. By default, she ranges at a distance and melees up close. Her melee attacks are stronger.

Note: If there are any dropped items at the time of the Dagannoth Mother's death, you will not be able to get them back. You are still able to loot your items if you died within the boss room, but only before the Dagannoth Mother is killed.

After the fight[edit | edit source]

You'll get a Rusty casket after you defeat the Dagannoth Mother. Go to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Lighthouse, and show it to Jossik to finish the quest. (Note: If your inventory is full when killing the Dagannoth Mother, you will not receive the casket. Instead, go and talk to Jossik upstairs, who will say he picked up the casket after you left it on the ground.)

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Horror from the Deep reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Horror from the Deep is required for the following:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most quests, the reward screen for Horror from the Deep says 'You have survived the Horror from the Deep!' rather than 'You have completed Horror from the Deep!'
  • While in instanced versions of the lighthouse, you no longer see the fairy ring outside which was added later.