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The horse is a creature that does not currently exist. However, there are many references in-game to this mythical creature.

  • Sylas mentions that he managed to acquire a horn-less Unicorn.
  • Toy horsies were release as a joke in April 2004 due to many player requests for horses in-game.
  • When travelling on Hajedy's cart, the in-game text will mention that is cart is pulled by horses, although these are not seen in-game.
  • There is a Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne.
  • There exists horse-painted heraldic armour.
  • When you summon K'klik in Recipe for Disaster, you may choose to ask him for a horse to which he replies that there are no horses in Gielinor.
  • The dialogue of the pet Little nightmare jokingly references horses as a non-existent entity.
  • When you talk to Hugor in Land's End he will ask you where horses go, in which you reply "I've no idea what a Horse is my friend."
  • The peculiar foot print display in the Varrock museum shows the print of a horseshoe. Its examine text mentions that "the shape of this foot print must have belonged to a mythical animal..."
  • A cart at the Ruins of Unkah has the following message when examined: "Best used with a horse."
  • All Unicorn have the following message when examined: “Horse with a horn.”
  • When examining Unicorn statues in the Hallowed Sepulchre, they display the following message in the chat box: "If it didn't have its horn, what would it be called?"
  • When examining a Crystalline Unicorn in The Gauntlet, it displays the following message in your chat box: "A crystal formed horse with a crystal formed horn."
  • In Below Ice Mountain, Marley tells the player to "hold your horses."