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It is unknown what this mythical creature looks like.

The horse is a creature that does not exist. However, there are many in-game references to this mythical creature.

Mentions[edit | edit source]

Mentions in NPC dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Sylas mentions that he managed to acquire a hornless unicorn.[1]
  • When summoning K'klik in Recipe for Disaster, the player may choose to ask him for a horse, to which he replies that there are no horses in Gielinor.[2]
  • The dialogue of the pet Little Nightmare jokingly references horses as a non-existent entity.[3]
  • When talking to Hugor in Land's End he will ask where horses go, to which the player replies: "I've no idea what a Horse is my friend".[4]
  • Both Marley in Below Ice Mountain and Captain Braindeath in Rum Deal tell the player to "hold your horses".[5][6]
  • Captain Lawgof joyously exclaims that "the cavalry" has arrived at the beginning of Dwarf Cannon.[7] This term is derived from the Late Latin word caballus, which means 'horse'.
  • Sami mentions that camels are "far more useful than any horse or donkey".[8]
  • When handing Wyson the gardener his secret Santa present during the 2021 Christmas event, he wonders aloud: "What could it be... a hornless unicorn? Pumpkin pie? A party hat?".[9]
  • When tasked with the bulk purchase of toys from Diango during the 2017 Christmas event, the player asks in response: "Who's goin ta pony up?".[10] The so-called 'pony' that features in this idiomatic expression is thought to be a close mythological variant of the 'horse', although less power is generally attributed to it, making it a sort of 'lesser horse'.
  • Sir Renitee will initially refuse to let the player use the outline of a horse as their heraldic crest, declaring the rumours that circulate about the beast to be insufficient proof of their existence.[11] Nevertheless, the chief herald of Falador will relent if shown a convincing carved figurine of the fabulous being, in the form of a toy horsey.[12]

Mentions in Examine Text[edit | edit source]

  • The peculiar foot print display in the Varrock museum shows the print of a horseshoe. Its examine text mentions that "the shape of this foot print must have belonged to a mythical animal..."
  • A cart at the Ruins of Unkah has the following message when examined: "Best used with a horse".
  • All unicorns have the examine text "Horse with a horn".
  • Their foals meanwhile are described using a slight variation, as "Horned Horsey".
    • Despite these descriptions, Alec Kincade of the Myths' Guild argues there to be no affiliation whatsoever between the horse and unicorn, stating the resemblance to be "purely superficial".[13]
  • When examining unicorn statues in the Hallowed Sepulchre, they display the following message in the chat box: "If it didn't have its horn, what would it be called?".
  • There is also a statue of a decapitated wizard one can encounter there, which the examine text speculates could be "A statue of a Saradomin wizard? Or maybe a Dullahan of Saradomin?" The Dullahan is a figure of Irish folklore, often depicted as a headless horseman riding a black horse.
  • When examining a Crystalline Unicorn in The Gauntlet, it displays the following message in the chatbox: "A crystal formed horse with a crystal formed horn".
  • Examining one of the two Centaurs that reside in the Enchanted Valley will lead to the cryptic term "Horseplay" being displayed.
  • The examine text of the metal pieces that can be seen on the wall of Horvik's Smithy in Varrock reads: "These would make fine shoes for... um... unicorns".
  • In the examine text of various carts, a mysterious mention of 'horsepower' is made: "One horsepower; wooden suspension: a beauty". This may imply an ancient animistic belief according to which a carriage is granted power in virtue of being possessed by these mythic creatures.
  • While attempting to hide behind the pseudonym "Ali", the true nature of Jasim and Ibil is revealed upon examination, when the voice in your head describes either camel as "a foul tempered, ugly, lumpy, yellow horse prone to spitting".
  • During the 2021 Birthday event, the player had to catch a monkey riding on a unicorn, whose examine text stated: "Perhaps the monkey confused it for a... nevermind".

Item Mentions[edit | edit source]

  • Cavaliers of various colours can be obtained as reward for completing hard Treasure Trails. The word 'cavalier' is said to denote a 'horseman', of which this headwear is supposedly typical.
  • Toy horsies were released as a joke in April 2004 due to many player requests for horses in-game. These equine effigies can be purchased from Diango's Toy Store in four different finishes.
  • The silhouette of a horse can be painted onto heraldic armour at an easel in one's player-owned house, which include:
  • An item called 'horse shoe' could be found in the files of the RuneScape 2 beta, though players were not able to obtain it. Its examine text stated that it "brings good luck", implying that the horse may have been regarded as some sort of agent of providence, favouring those who carry its attributes.

Miscellaneous Mentions[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Horse hit
The unused "horse hit" sound effect
  • An unused sound effect exists in the game files named horse_hit. The sound's creator Mod Ian later recalled: "I remember trying hard to make the sound of horse before finally deciding it was just to[sic] difficult".[14]
  • Kanel, one of Gertrude's sons, can be found playing with a toy model of the fabled creature.
  • When travelling on Hajedy's cart, the chatbox will mention that the cart is pulled by horses, although these are never seen in-game.[15]
    • By way of a letter published in the Postbag from the Hedge, an inquisitive adventurer appropriately asks Alec Kincade, the head of the Myths' Guild, to shine his light on this equine myth. In his response, Kincade states to have surveilled the aforementioned Hajedy, but that his agents' hunt for the horse did not bear fruit. According to Kincade, the cart driver's fabulous claim to transport people by 'horse' are likely a marketing ploy meant to lure in the gullible.[16]
  • There is a Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne; a sign explains its namesake to hail from a delusion "often seen after 10 pints".
  • The shape of the North Brimhaven mine is thought to resemble some attribute of the mythical being, as it is labelled "the horseshoe mine" in the Karamja Achievement Diary.
  • Farmer Fred recounts finding a book by the name of The woolen horse of Troy at a meeting of the Group of Advanced Gardeners, inspiring him to fashion the Trojan cow.[17]
  • The children in Mr. Mordaut's classroom keep a rocking horse in the shape of a unicorn at the back of the class.
  • Members of certain polities within Gielinor claim to uphold a code of morals they name 'chivalry', including the Varrockian aristocracy according to Dimintheis, and almost certainly the Knights of the Round Table, as illustrated by Sir Bedivere deriding the Black Knights for their 'unchivalrous' tactics, as well as their Knight Waves Training Grounds granting the player the ability to unlock the chivalry prayer.[18][19][20] The term 'chivalry', by way of the Old French chevaler, leads back to the Late Latin word for horseman, caballarius.
  • In the very first of the God Letters, Saradomin acknowledges the popularity of these so-called 'horses' among the playerbase, writing: "It seems many of you yearn for the creation of a four-legged riding creature, commonly referred to as a horse".[21]
  • In the very last of the God Letters, Saradomin is asked by a correspondent to "inquire to me what exactly do Toy Horses do?", to which the deity replies: "Certainly! What exactly do Toy Horses do?".[22]
  • When the question "Do you think you will create horses for our worlds?" is put to Zamorak, he confidently writes back: "Maybe. Hope that cleared that up for you".[23]
  • During the 2018 Halloween event, the player had to help Eric write a scary story, which at one point involved a terrifying beast known as a 'horse' jumping out of the protagonist's toy cupboard.
  • Both the Neitiznot and the Jatizso coat of arms contain a squared section flanked by two heraldic animals at their centre, which appear to be shaped in the likeness of this mythological beast.
  • When playing as a female character, the range of hairstyles the player can choose from will include a "ponytail" as well as a "side pony". Hair that is worn in this manner is believed to resemble the tail of a 'pony', which is the diminished specimen of 'horse' alluded to above.
  • According to a response written by Alec Kincade published in a Postbag from the Hedge, Freja asserts that these elusive creatures may once have roamed the desolate arctic wastes of Acheron, declaring them to be vastly more dangerous than any of their alleged hooved relatives.[24]
  • Jerico defends the honour of the pidgeons he keeps in an earlier edition of the Postbag, boasting they were used by the king of Ardougne as messenger birds in times of war, carrying vital information past besieging forces "faster than any horse" could.[25] Although the fanciful comparison to the speed of a 'horse' is likely but a hyperbolic flourish proper to a boastful tone of language, he enigmatically goes on to moderate his claim by stating there aren't "any of them left these days", or at least "not around here". Perhaps Jerico is alluding to the same conviction voiced by Freja, that the last remaining horses of legend may have yet survived extinction on the barren planes of uninhabitable Acheron.
  • At the end of a rather elaborate equipment rebalance blog on the subject of the prevalent Ranged meta, the developers applaud any reader who has made it through the long-winded explanations of arcane concepts like "effective Defence", and ascribe them the ability to "command the power of armies" as well as "punch a horse to the ground".
  • On the occasion of the fatigue system's introduction, a behind the scenes update post commented that adventurers could finally rejoice in the fact they could catch some well-deserved rest, even though they would have to do so while standing up. This caveat was then softened to some degree by reminding readers that "horses seem to manage OK", before immediately expressing regret at having invoked the name of that species, as if it were a curse: "Oh dear, horses. Probably shouldn't have said that word...".

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the real world, unicorns are mythological beasts based on horses, while in RuneScape, this is reversed. However, unicorns do not seem to have been domesticated, and unlike horses in the real world, are not used as a mode of transport, nor are they used for industrial or agricultural purposes.
  • Many paralels can be drawn between real life horses and camels in RuneScape. For example, Drunken Ali has a dialogue line with the joke 'A camel walks into the bar and orders a pint. The barman asks 'Why the long face!'', which is usually told with a horse instead of a camel in real life.[26] In the feathered journal from the Eagles' Peak quest, Arthur Artimus writes 'I could eat a camel right now', which is based on the identical real life idiom where the camel is replaced with a horse.[27] Finally, when Akila reflects on why he was granted the chance to linger on after his death, he concludes his musing by repeating a saying popular among Menaphite scholars: "Don’t look a gift camel in the mouth!".[28]

See also[edit | edit source]

  • Camel, a type of even-toed ungulate that is not fictional.
  • Donkey, a species of hoofed mammal thought to be closely related to the 'horse'.

References[edit | edit source]

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