Hosidius Kitchen

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This article is about the Hosidius House kitchen. For the building that feeds the soldiers of the Shayzien House, see Mess.
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Shayzien Hosidius Kitchen Tithe Farm
Woodcutting Guild
The Hosidius Kitchen

The Hosidius kitchen is a small building located in the Hosidius district just southeast of the Mess. The building contains a bank chest and two cooking ranges.

The cooking ranges provide a 5% increased chance of successfully cooking food over standard cooking ranges. Players must have 100% favour with the Hosidius House in order to use the ranges.

Subject changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 September 2018 (update) After this update, burn chance appeared to stack on itself with each additional cooking attempt. If players restarted the cooking process, it reset the burn rate. This meant that the first few pieces have a significantly higher burn rate, and the last ones are practically 0%. This was used to burn significantly fewer pieces of food than intended.[source needed]
10 January 2019 (update) A bug regarding burning food was apparently fixed.[1]
  1. Jagex. Mod Bruno's Twitter account. 11 January 2019. Mod Bruno: "The Hosidius range wasn't applying its buff correctly and was fixed with this week's update, it now applies the buff correctly which means you will burn more than the food in the first inventory slot."