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A Hosidius tablet is a modified house tablet that is created by using a scroll of redirection on a normal House Teleport tablet, requiring level 25 in Construction to do so. It teleports the caster just outside the Hosidius house portal.

Possible uses[edit | edit source]

Bank[edit | edit source]

Nearby locations[edit | edit source]

Other advantages[edit | edit source]

This teleports you close to Hosidius's farming patch, containing 2 allotment patches, 1 herb patch, 1 flower patch, and a compost bin.

This is a viable teleport option to Great Kourend, as other options may have high prerequisites, such as paying 80,000 coins to Trossa and having access to fairy rings, or having level 69 Magic and reading Transportation Incantations needed to cast Kourend Castle Teleport.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
12 October 2017 (update) The examine text was modified, the old examine text was "A tablet containing a magic spell."
10 January 2019 (update) The item name was changed from "Kourend teleport" to "Hosidius teleport". The examine text was slighty modified, the old examine text was "This tablet has been redirected to Kourend"
11 January 2019 (update) A period was added in the examine text.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the name change, the item model still has the letter K instead of an H.