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The list of all available house styles.

House styles are themes which may be applied to a Player-owned house (POH). Redecorating a house will modify the appearance of the outside ground, walls, doors, windows, floors, and roofs of the house, but will not affect the house's layout or content. Many of the styles reflect the architectural style of houses and buildings within various towns and cities throughout Gielinor, and each house style also has a unique musical jingle which plays upon entering the house.

Upon first creating a house, it will have a default style of Basic wood. Redecoration can be done by speaking to any Estate agent, and usually requires a fee and a certain Construction level.

Redecorating your house to Fancy stone at the Varrock and Seers' Village estate agents are Hard Varrock Diary and Hard Kandarin Diary tasks respectively.

Redecoration[edit | edit source]

Players can change their house style by visiting an Estate agent and selecting the "redecorate" option. Other styles can be applied irrespective of the location of the POH itself - for example, a player may have a whitewashed stone house style while their POH is situated in Yanille.

Most styles require a certain Construction level and a fee between 5,000 and 35,000 Coins, except for:

  • The Twisted theme style, which only requires Twisted blueprints. These can be obtained from the Leagues Reward Shop for 2,000 League points, or by trading with other players. Redecorating to this style is free when first handing in the blueprints, and they will be returned to the player if the house style is changed to something different.
  • The Hosidius house style, which requires 5,000 coins and Hosidius blueprints. These can be obtained from Amy for 2,000 Carpenter points. If the Hosidius house style is later changed to something different, these blueprints will NOT be returned.
  • The Deathly mansion and Cosy cabin styles, which require completion of a Halloween event and Christmas event respectively, as well as 35,000 coins each.

Boosts cannot be used to meet the level requirements.

List of Styles[edit | edit source]

Style Requirements Architectural style Entrance jingle Exterior appearance Interior appearance Dungeon appearance
Basic wood Construction 1
Rimmington Basic wood exterior.png Basic wood interior.png Basic wood dungeon.png
Basic stone Construction 10
Burthorpe Basic stone exterior.png Basic stone interior.png Basic stone dungeon.png
Whitewashed stone Construction 20
Pollnivneach Whitewashed stone exterior.png Whitewashed stone interior.png Whitewashed stone dungeon.png
Fremennik-style wood Construction 30
Rellekka Fremennik-style wood exterior.png Fremennik-style wood interior.png Fremennik-style wood dungeon.png
Tropical wood Construction 40
Brimhaven Tropical wood exterior.png Tropical wood interior.png Tropical wood dungeon.png
Fancy stone Construction 50
Falador Fancy stone exterior.png Fancy stone interior.png Fancy stone dungeon.png
Deathly mansion Construction 25
Completion of a Halloween event
Death's House Deathly mansion exterior.png Deathly mansion interior.png Deathly mansion dungeon.png
Twisted theme Construction 1
Twisted blueprints
Xerican Twisted theme exterior.png Twisted theme interior.png Twisted theme dungeon.png
Hosidius house Construction 1
Hosidius blueprints
Hosidius Hosidius Wallkit outside.png Hosidius Wallkit inside.png Hosidius Wallkit dungeon.png
Cosy cabin Construction 1
Completion of a Christmas event
Christmas Theme Cosy cabin exterior.png Cosy cabin interior.png Cosy cabin dungeon.png
  1. ^ Redecorating to Hosidius house is free when first handing in the Hosidius blueprints to an estate agent.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Canifis-themed entrance
Audio options icon.png
Lumbridge-themed entrance
  • There were plans to offer additional house designs styled after Canifis and Lumbridge - these have not been added to the game, though the jingles that would have played when entering these houses can still be found in the game files.