Hypermobile Drinker

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Hypermobile Drinker
Hypermobile Drinker emote icon.png
Released 29 October 2015 (Update)
Members No
Enhancer No
Duration 8.98 seconds
Requirements Completion of a Halloween event
Hypermobile Drinker.gif

Hypermobile Drinker is a holiday emote unlocked by completing any Halloween event. Upon use the player twists their arms and drinks tea from a large red mug.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Hypermobile Drinker emote icon (v1).png
Hypermobile Drinker emote icon.png
29 October 2015–
6 July 2016
6 July 2016 –

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The emote is based on Mod Ash, who is often known to twist his arms and drink tea out of a red mug during the Old School RuneScape team's weekly Q&A sessions.
  • The man depicted in the emote's icon has a blue partyhat and a white beard in reference to Mod Ash's avatar on the official forums.
  • The emote's icon started out as a mug icon until it was later updated.
  • When performing this emote with a Bandos chestplate equipped, the player's left arm will visibly detach from their body.