Ice Barrage

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Ice Barrage
Ice Barrage.png
Released 18 April 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 94
Spellbook Ancient
Type Combat
Experience 52
Element Ice
Base max hit 30
Runes 6Water 2Blood 4Death
Casting speed 5 ticks
Description A multi-target strong ice attack
Ice Barrage.gif
Sound Effect
Ice Barrage icon (mobile).png

Ice Barrage is the highest tier Ice spell from the Ancient Magicks spellbook, available at level 94 Magic. It is capable of hitting up to 30 damage (without any magic damage boosts) per cast.

Ice Barrage can freeze targets, causing them to become unable to move for 19.2 seconds (32 ticks). It is also able to target up to nine targets in a 3x3 grid around its primary target, just like all other burst and barrage spells.

As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the quest Desert Treasure must be completed to cast this spell.

The spell's accuracy rolls for each opponent individually against their magic defence, unlike chinchompas. However, if on a slayer task and you target a slayer monster (for example Tstanon Karlak on a greater demon task) your max hit will be considered on all targets as if all targets were your slayer task. This means that it is better to target your slayer task monster if given the choice between that and a non slayer monster. This also applies to Nechryael and their Dark Spawn.

Maximum hit
Maximum hit
(no bonuses)
Maximum hit
(Occult necklace)
Maximum hit
(Staff of the dead)
Maximum hit
(Staff of the dead + Occult necklace)
Maximum hit
(Occult necklace + Staff of the dead + Tormented bracelet)
Maximum hit
(Occult necklace + Staff of the dead + Tormented bracelet + Slayer helmet (i) + Ancestral robes set + Imbued magic cape+ Elidinis' ward (f))
30 33 34 37 39 48

Players often use this spell on multiple enemies (in a multicombat area) to train Magic because the spell has the potential to gain high amounts of XP per hour. It is also often used in player killing and in minigames such as the Castle Wars minigame due to the spell's effectiveness. It also gives more Hitpoints experience than red chinchompas.

Players can cast this spell with a Magic level of 90 with the use of a Magic potion, or with a Magic level of 85 with the use of an imbued heart or a Castlewars brew. Using a Castlewars brew to cast the spell will satisfy the Ardougne Diary elite task requirement for casting the spell within Castle Wars.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Water rune.png1,122
Combo runes
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Mud rune.png1,764
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Steam rune.png1,620
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.png6Mist rune.png1,626
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.pngStaff of water.pngAlt1,092
3.42Death rune.png1.71Blood rune.png5.14Water rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAlt960
3.4Death rune.png1.7Blood rune.pngKodai wand.png929
Main and off-hands
4Death rune.png2Blood rune.pngTome of water.png1,092
3.42Death rune.png1.71Blood rune.pngStaff of the dead.pngAltTome of water.png933
Wilderness Only Casting
Blighted ancient ice sack.png Blighted ancient ice sack 546