Ice Queen's Lair

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Ice Queen's Lair
Ice Queen's Lair.png
Released27 February 2002 (Update)
InhabitantsIce monsters
Advanced data

The Ice Queen's Lair is a dungeon located under the White Wolf Mountain. The entrance is blocked by a rockslide requiring a pickaxe and level 50 Mining to remove. The lair plays a major role in Heroes' Quest, where players must kill the Ice Queen to obtain ice gloves. Player can get there quickly via the Gnome Glider.

If a player loses their ice gloves, they may acquire a new pair by slaying the queen again, but because the dungeon is out of the way, it's recommended to get multiple pairs during the quest.

Reaching the Ice Queen[edit | edit source]

The Ice Queen can be found at the end of a small maze, with ice warriors and spiders throughout. To enter, head to the northern tip of White Wolf Mountain, directly north of the Gnome Glider. You will need to mine the rockslide to enter. Lower-level players should be advised that her lair is a multi-combat zone with multiple level 57 ice warriors.

  1. After the rockslide, head down the southernmost ladder
  2. Go down the south-west tunnel and climb up the ladder at the end
  3. Avoiding the ice giants, climb down the easternmost ladder
  4. Go north through the long tunnel, and climb up the ladder at the end
  5. Climb down the ladder immediately next to it
  6. Follow the tunnel north until it opens into a large room

Monsters[edit | edit source]