Ice spells

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Ice spells are one of four types of Ancient Magicks combat spells. In addition to dealing damage, these spells freeze the target in place, preventing it from moving.

Ice spells may refer to:

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Base XP Max damage
(without bonuses)
Freeze time
Ice Rush.png Ice Rush icon (mobile).png Ice Rush Magic 58 2Water 2Chaos 2Death 34 16 5
Ice Burst.png Ice Burst icon (mobile).png Ice Burst Magic 70 4Water 4Chaos 2Death 40 22 10
Ice Blitz.png Ice Blitz icon (mobile).png Ice Blitz Magic 82 3Water 2Blood 2Death 48.5 26 15
Ice Barrage.png Ice Barrage icon (mobile).png Ice Barrage Magic 94 6Water 2Blood 4Death 52 30 20

When using any Ice spell with the Tome of water equipped, the player does not receive the 20% accuracy and damage bonus the Tome of water normally provides. The Tome of water does also not consume any charges when using Ice spells.

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