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This article is about the 2021 Halloween event NPC. For the non-event NPC, see Iffie.
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Thessalia's Fine Clothes.Blue Moon Inn
Edgeville MonasteryBlue Moon Inn (kitchen)
? (edit)
Released20 October 2021 (Update)
Removal3 November 2021 (Update)
Quest2021 Halloween event
ExamineAn old woman busily knitting.
Advanced data
NPC ID11232

Iffie Nitter is an old woman knitting in Thessalia's Fine Clothes store in Varrock.

During the 2021 Halloween event, Iffie responds to the player's LFG advertisement in the Varrock Herald newspaper, and meets the player at the Blue Moon Inn. She reveals to the player she used to adventure, and is keen to go on another adventure as knitting gets quite boring, sometimes.

The player tells Iffie about the offered job as a ghost, and together with Iffie make a plan to scare Oziach by making a noise with cooking utensils. To get into the Blue Moon Inn's kitchen to steal some cooking utensils (a rolling pin and a saucepan), the player sets up a distraction and lure by having the player insult the Cook's food loudly, who's proud of his cooking and very defensive about it.

After Iffie has stolen the cooking utensils from the kitchen, she returns to the Blue Moon Inn table with the player, and apologizes to the cook about the player's setup behaviour, tells a lie the player has a bad cold giving the player a terrible sense of taste.

Next, together Iffie and the player climb into Evergreen trees, pretending to be ghosts in an attempt to scare Oziach (2021 Halloween event) from buying the Edgeville Monastery: The player blows into an empty wine bottle, Iffie bangs the rolling pin against the saucepan on her head. Though their efforts fail to scare Oziach (who's scared of ghosts), Death himself appears. His presence is too scary for Oziach, and this way the Death finishes the job the player and Iffie started.

Iffie ends up partying with the player at the Blue Moon Inn as a reward for the job. She's lost the rolling pin she stole from the cook, but asks if the player could take the saucepan back to the chef for her. The player believes the saucepan has been too battered from the banging, and doesn't think the chef would want it anymore. Iffie then offers the player to have the saucepan, having no use for it herself. She intends to return to the inn later and apologise to the chef, maybe knit him something.

Iffie also knitted the player an ugly halloween jumper, which is one of the 2021 Halloween event rewards.

Iffie says she hadn't had an adventure like this in years, and seemed to enjoy it a lot.

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