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The ignore list interface.
Ignore button.png

The Ignore List tab is found in the Friends List tab by clicking on the red sad face on the top right of the tab.

It is used to block messages from certain players. A player "ignoring" a specific person cannot hear that person in public or private chat. However, unlike turning Private Chat "off", the player doing the ignoring does not appear offline to the person being ignored.

Should players wish to return to the Friends List, they may click on the yellow smiley face while in the ignore list tab.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
4 June 2020

If your friends or ignore list is empty, there will now be some text displayed rather than showing a blank space.

29 January 2015

When adding players to your ignore list their recently sent messages will now be hidden.

17 September 2013

The Friends and Ignore lists will now hold 400 names.