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Ilfeen chathead.png

Ilfeen is an elf who can enchant crystal weapon seeds, turning them into crystal equipment. If spoken to after completion of Roving Elves, she will give players a book called Crystal singing for beginners, which, after reading, will be placed in the bookcase of the player's Player-owned house.

Because of her understanding of crystal weapon seeds, she can enchant them into crystal bows, shields, halberds, or saws for a price.

Since the release of the Song of the Elves quest, crystal equipment can not be sold on the Grand Exchange.

If the player has a crystal weapon seed, Ilfeen can enchant it into to a bow, shield or halberd for a price. The price drops by 180,000/150,000 each time the seed is enchanted into a bow/shield or halberd (respectively), down to a minimum price:

Enchantment Cost for crystal bow Cost for crystal shield Cost for crystal halberd
First 900,000 750,000
Second 720,000 600,000
Third 540,000 450,000
Fourth 360,000 300,000
Fifth and thereafter 180,000 150,000

Ilfeen can not 'recharge' the crystal items themselves, players must manually revert their item to a crystal weapon seed (save for the crystal saw) and choose the item that they want to pay her for.

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 September 2019
Ilfeen's chathead was updated.
25 June 2015
Ilfeen now offers to recharge crystal seeds into Crystal halberds.
5 March 2015
(update | poll)
Ilfeen can now enchant crystal seeds into crystal halberds if you have completed the Hard Western Provinces Diary.