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Imbuing is the process of upgrading or enhancing certain items. Most imbues are rewards from Nightmare Zone, whilst others are imbued by other means.

Nightmare Zone imbues[edit | edit source]

Points earned in Nightmare Zone can be spent in the reward shop to imbue the following items, the effect of the imbue varies by item.

The imbued black mask, slayer helmet, and salve amulet are enhanced so that their effects apply to Magic and Ranged as well, and imbued rings have increased stats.

Imbuing an item will add an (i) to its name and will give it an "Uncharge" option. The uncharge option removes the imbued bonus, and will refund 80% of the points back.

Item Points required
Black mask.png Black mask (imbued)[1] 1,250,000
Slayer helmet.png Slayer helmet (imbued) 1,250,000
Salve amulet.png Salve amulet (imbued) 800,000
Salve amulet (e).png Salve amulet (e) (imbued) 800,000
Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering (imbued) 725,000
Berserker ring.png Berserker ring (imbued) 650,000
Warrior ring.png Warrior ring (imbued) 650,000
Archers ring.png Archers ring (imbued) 650,000
Seers ring.png Seers ring (imbued) 650,000
Tyrannical ring.png Tyrannical ring (imbued) 650,000
Treasonous ring.png Treasonous ring (imbued) 650,000
Ring of the gods.png Ring of the gods (imbued) 650,000[2]
Granite ring.png Granite ring (imbued) 500,000
  1. ^ The Slayer helmet can be imbued in the same manner as the black mask, and the black mask (i) can be used to assemble the helmet, making it a Slayer helm (i).
  2. ^ Also requires a Holy wrench in addition to the points.

Other imbues[edit | edit source]

The magic shortbow can be imbued using a magic shortbow scroll, purchased from Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing, to become a magic shortbow (i), increasing its Ranged attack bonus from +69 to +75 and lowering the special attack cost from 55% to 50%.

The ring of wealth can be imbued using a ring of wealth scroll, purchased from Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing, along with 50,000 coins, to become a ring of wealth (i), the imbued ring doubles the chance to receive a clue scroll drop within the Wilderness.

Molten glass (i), while not a typical imbued item, can be imbued during The Fremennik Exiles quest in order to make lunar glass.

God capes[edit | edit source]

Players with level 75 in Magic can imbue a god cape by taking a Justiciar's hand, Ent's roots and a Demon's heart to Kolodion during Mage Arena II miniquest. After the quest, players can obtain more imbued capes by simply bringing the respective component of the god cape that they wish to imbue; it is not necessary to kill all three god followers again to make another imbued cape. These can also be combined with max capes to become imbued god max capes.

God cape Imbued cape Max imbued cape
Guthix cape.pngGuthix cape Imbued guthix cape.pngImbued guthix cape Imbued guthix max cape.pngImbued guthix max cape (hood)
Saradomin cape.pngSaradomin cape Imbued saradomin cape.pngImbued saradomin cape Imbued saradomin max cape.pngImbued saradomin max cape (hood)
Zamorak cape.pngZamorak cape Imbued zamorak cape.pngImbued zamorak cape Imbued zamorak max cape.pngImbued zamorak max cape (hood)

Soul Wars imbues[edit | edit source]

Imbues from the Nightmare Zone are also available at Soul Wars. However, players who imbued their items at the Nightmare Zone cannot un-imbue their items for Zeal Tokens.

Imbuing an item provides extra bonuses and appends an (i) suffix to the item's name. Imbued items can be uncharged, which removes the bonuses from the item and refunds (?)% of the reward points used to imbue it.

Imbuing all available items would require a total of (3,950) reward points.

Item Imbued Bonuses Tokens Required
Black mask (i).png Black mask (i)[c 1] 15% accuracy and damage bonuses to Magic and Ranged on Slayer tasks. +0 Magic and Ranged attack bonuses instead of negative bonuses. 500
Slayer helmet (i).png Slayer helmet (i) 15% accuracy and damage bonuses to Magic and Ranged on Slayer tasks. Gives +3 accuracy bonuses for Magic and Ranged instead of negative bonuses, and gives +10 Magic defence bonus instead of -1. 500
Salve amulet(i).png Salve amulet (i) 15% bonus to Magic and 16.67 (1/6) to Ranged in accuracy and damage against undead monsters. 320
Salve amulet(ei).png Salve amulet (e) (i) 20% accuracy and damage bonuses in Ranged and Magic against undead monsters. 320
Ring of the gods (i).png Ring of the gods (i) Doubles the Prayer bonus and gives the effect of the holy wrench when equipped. Imbuing this item requires having a holy wrench in the inventory. 260
Ring of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 300
Berserker ring (i).png Berserker ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Warrior ring (i).png Warrior ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Archers ring (i).png Archers ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Seers ring (i).png Seers ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Tyrannical ring (i).png Tyrannical ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Treasonous ring (i).png Treasonous ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 260
Granite ring (i).png Granite ring (i) Doubles equipment bonuses. 200
  1. ^ A black mask (i) can be used to assemble a Slayer helm (i).