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Imcandoria was the former city of the Imcando dwarves, located somewhere in the far north,[1] presumably in the same region as Acheron. The region around Imcandoria was also home to a group of unspecified giants who were metalworkers, as well as several Auspah tribes; in addition, they are known to have traded with Fremennik tribes.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Towards the end of the Second Age, an Imcando acolyte had discovered a strange black idol with odd scratched markings along the beach of the Isle of Garmr. Presuming it to be a runic relic of the Fremennik tribes,[3] the idol was sent to the Elders of Imcandoria for safekeeping.[4]

Two months after the idol was sent away, storms around Imcandoria began to grow more and more ferocious, so much that the dwarves were forced to seek refuge in the Forge of Giants in the lower Necropolis[5] (which is presumed to be a large cemetery from the definition of the word). Though the giants allowed them to stay, food supplies began to run low.[6]

Three months after taking refuge in the Forge of Giants, a plan to journey into Imcandoria was planned;[7] having seen omens of death in their forges, the giants suggested journeying to Imcandoria with reinforcements, and had given the Imcando a fiery jewel to bargain with the Auspah tribes that live around the city.[8]

With five months having gone by since the idol had been found, the Imcando that had journeyed into the city had found it empty,[9] only to discover piles of bodies and pools of blood in the temple. Here, a grotesque mass with three boulbous eyes and clawed tentacles had settled in.[10] The Elders of Imcandoria, entirely in blood and thick sludge, have been entirely corrupted by the globulous mass, chanting incantations in an unknown language.[11]

The grotesque creature, having noticed the Imcando's presence, soon attacked, with the Elders following suit, causing the temple to go up in flames.[12] The Elders, cackling as they were being burned alive, presumably perished.[13]

With their numbers dwindled and the storm quietening, the group returned to the Isle of Garmr. With the city fallen and the lands turned frozen, the Imcando dwarves were forced to leave their home. Before leaving, Gulbrand, the Highseer of the Isle of Garmr, documented the events he beared witness to in a heavy tome inscribed on rock paper,[14][15] and placed it by the entrance hall in the Necropolis, to serve as a warning not to travel back to Imcandoria.[16]

With no home to return to, the remaining Imcando dwarves were promised a new home by Saradomin,[17] who would have his forces lay siege to Lassar and grant the Imcando dwarves a new settlement in the ruins of the Zarosian fortress.

Led by Yonrith Lovakengj, the Saradominist forces marched upon Lassar and destroyed it in one of many attacks on the Zarosian Empire that began after the Betrayal of Zaros. Once the Zarosian forces have been driven out, the Imcando dwarves set to build their new city, naming it Camdozaal.

References[edit | edit source]

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