Impetuous Impulses

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This is a safe activity.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

Impetuous Impulses is a safe minigame based around the Hunter skill. In the minigame, players capture implings which are flying imp-like creatures that can be caught to obtain trinkets and treasures that they have been stealing from all over Gielinor. This takes place in an area called Puro-Puro.

Even though it is a safe minigame, players who die in Puro-Puro will lose all but their most valuable items. This will only apply to players that have been poisoned, envenomed, or are in a PvP world, as there is nothing in Puro-Puro that can kill players.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Completion of Lost City is needed in order to access Zanaris. Having partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is recommended to access fairy rings.

Skills[edit | edit source]

A player will need at least level 17 Hunter to enter the minigame area as well as catch the lowest tiered impling. Higher Hunter levels will be needed to catch higher tiered implings.

Having a high Strength level and high Thieving level are also recommended.

Having a high Magic level can be beneficial since players can cast entangle and other snare spell on implings.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

A butterfly net and impling jars are needed to catch implings. A magic butterfly net gives a higher chance at catching implings than the normal version, and can be obtained by talking to Elnock Inquisitor who is located inside Puro-Puro.

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Puro-Puro[edit | edit source]

The minigame is located in Puro-Puro. To access Puro-Puro, the player can go through the main crop circle in Zanaris (located in the middle of a wheat field, east of the fairy ring). There are also other crop circles that randomly appear in wheat fields around RuneScape. The location of the crop circle can be found by talking to the wandering impling in Zanaris who roams inside the wheat field.

By entering through the crop circles outside of Zanaris, the player gains a 30 minute boost allowing them to push through the magical wheat faster.

Once in Puro-Puro, talk to Elnock Inquisitor who will give the player a run down of the game, the maze, and the implings. He will also give a butterfly net, 7 impling jars, and an impling scroll which shows the number of implings of each type that the player has caught.

The maze[edit | edit source]

The area in which the minigame takes place in is a maze. The walls are made of magical wheat and to travel between different layers of the maze, the player needs to right-click and select Push-through magical wheat. You will be able to push through the wheat more efficiently with a high Strength level.

Parts of the maze's walls will randomly lower and then grow back. This allows the player to run around the maze without needing to push through the wheat.

The minimap, due to the magical nature of Puro-Puro, will not display anything.

Catching implings[edit | edit source]

Capturing an impling requires an empty impling jar in the inventory and a butterfly net or magic butterfly net equipped. Implings inside an impling jar can be looted to receive various items. Different implings carry different items, although higher tier implings will generally carry better rewards. Below is a table of each type of impling and the level required to catch one.

Impling Image Hunter Level Value
Baby impling Baby impling.png 17 832
Young impling Young impling.png 22 908
Gourmet impling Gourmet impling.png 28 1,149
Earth impling Earth impling.png 36 1,442
Essence impling Essence impling.png 42 1,380
Eclectic impling Eclectic impling.png 50 1,449
Nature impling Nature impling.png 58 2,561
Magpie impling Magpie impling.png 65 14,261
Ninja impling Ninja impling.png 74 16,212
Dragon impling Dragon impling.png 83 135,833
Lucky impling Lucky impling.png 89 54,824

You can use the Bind, Snare, or Entangle spells to freeze an impling's movement making it significantly easier to catch them.

Imp defenders are located throughout the maze and will try to free their captured brethren as they feel some kinship towards the implings. The defenders have a chance at releasing implings inside impling jars that you have in your inventory and knock the jar a few steps away. Having a high Thieving level and imp repellent decreases their chances of freeing an impling. The defenders will free the lowest levelled implings first, so it is recommended to have lower level implings in your inventory so that the defender free those first. If the impling the defender frees is an eclectic or a higher tier, they will despawn.

Elnock's Exchange[edit | edit source]

Players can trade in specific combinations of impling jars to Elnock Inquisitor in exchange for items that are helpful for capturing implings.

Elnock's Exchange
Elnock's Exchange
You Give... You Receive...
3 baby impling jars, 2 young impling jars, 1 gourmet impling jar Imp repellent
3 gourmet impling jars, 2 earth impling jars, 1 essence impling jar Magic butterfly net
3 essence impling jars, 2 eclectic impling jars, 1 nature impling jar Jar generator
1 of any impling type 3 impling jars

Music[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Impetuous 2
The music which plays while standing near a crop circle.